Representation of Race?

I read one article today in the Star Online about 20 or so NGOs who “voiced their concern” over the fate of the Malays in Perak, which recently came under the ruling of the DAP-PKR-Pas coalition government.

I don’t want to dwell too long over an issue which I personally feel is totally irrelevant. I mean, what does the matter of how many Malays and non-Malays are in the EXCO line-up? As long as there are enough representatives there to form the state government, I don’t see a problem.

So what if there are more non-Malays than Malays in the line-up? It’s not like the non-Malays are going to make life for Perak Malays a living hell. And I don’t think that if it were the other way round, meaning 6 Malays and 4 non-Malays would mean that life for the non-Malays of Perak are going to go down to the slumps.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Representation in office should NOT be based on racial proportions of the state, and neither should it be at national level.

If one day, the Barisan Rakyat should form the Federal Government, and DAP won the most seats, then it’s the leader/chief/head of DAP who should become the PM, no? So will everyone scream about the national leadership not reflecting the racial composition of the country?

Utter rubbish.

And for NGOs to attack racial lines… What are they thinking? (Although, after close look, it seems that all these NGOs were made up based on race anyway..)

When voters put politicians in office, race should not be part of the criteria. Therefore, when these chosen politicians form the government, race should ALSO not be part of the criteria.


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