Where’s Hishammuddin?

Seriously, I didn’t expect him to keep silent on this issue of the Terengganu MB. I always thought of him to be someone who has SO many things to say about things that do not concern him in any way.

I’ve never liked this guy, this UMNO Youth Chief. I didn’t like him when he was the Sports Minister, and my tolerance for him diminished even more when he was made Education Minister. Seriously, what were they thinking when they put him there?

Education is THE most important ministry a country can have. Because it is through the education system that a country’s future is shaped. The old geezers who are currently in the government are only there in order to pave a good road for the future generation. So why is an IDIOT being made responsible for the future of this country?

Of course, this UMNO Youth Chief person is NOT the only one in UMNO who’s ruining life for everyone. I know that. Most of the people know that. But it doesn’t seem like UMNO knows that.

The keris issue, although it happened quite some time ago, still stays fresh in the minds of many. And I’m actually finding it so incomprehensible that it’s not funny anymore. Why is UMNO keeping him in there? Even if you keep him as a member, just DON’T make him UMNO Youth Chief. Again, Youth Chief means he’s leading the younger generation. If he can make such irresponsible remarks and carry out such ridiculous actions (kissing of the keris), then no, I don’t think he’s fit to lead anyone, least of all the younger generation.

And then they not only NOT punish this poor excuse of a leader, and give him the most important portfolio there is in the government, the Education Ministry.

I don’t know. Is he really that indispensable? Is there no one else in the current BN that can take responsibility for the Education Ministry?

I normally don’t have such strong opinions of other people’s character, but this UMNO Youth Chief person is one of the few who actually get on my nerves, no matter what he does.

If people can remember what he did during that UMNO General Assembly, although it’s not recent, then it’s best that the government take heed of this message. It’s meaning is simple. We don’t like individuals who don’t think before they speak or act. And after that, have the guts to NOT apologise.

If anything, he was one of the first people to openly instigate the racial issue, and step on a lot of toes on the way. Get rid of him already.


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