Different News?

Being overseas, I don’t have access to local newspapers or the local news channels back in Malaysia. So my only source of news and information on current affairs back in my darling country would be through blogs, and the likes of the Star Online, Malaysiakini, and other websites.

Today, after having a read from Raja Petra’s website, Malaysia Today on his “judgement” by UUM, I was surprised to find that there was absolutely ZERO information on this issue on the Star Online.

Doing a Google search, however, brought me to a couple of other websites which seemed to carry some news of this. NST Online (a website I would prefer not to use most of the time) made it its “headline”, and so did TV3 on yesterday night’s news, according the RPK.

So why did the Star Online NOT report on this? Not only that, they didn’t report on a whole lot of other stuff, like the Terengganu issue, which is still quite hot. They didn’t report on the Cabinet dismissing Zaid Ibrahim’s call for them to apologise to Tun Salleh Abbas.

It’s not like they’re not reporting. They are. Just, why no mention at all?

I can appreciate that different news publishers have different takes on what should be their top story. But nevertheless, I would think that those were MAJOR stories, major enough to receive SOME attention, if not all.

Just makes one wonder, no?


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