Case Closed

Finally, the issue of who gets to be the MB of Terengganu, and who’s getting all the support, and who’s going to step down, and who’s going to respect who’s decision.. This has all now been put to a rest.

It is now official that Ahmad Said is set to be the MB for the State of Terengganu. This was decided after the UMNO held their Supreme Council meeting.

Funny, though, that I read about this news, and all the other news that lead up to this, from the blogs around. I didn’t even know that there WAS a Supreme Council meeting about this issue. It wasn’t until I read Rocky’s Bru, which was being constantly updated, that I found out about this.

Why the silence by the various online news sites? I’m talking about the Star Online, NST Online, and of course, Bernama as well.

Did someone high-up tell them to keep the public ignorant of the issue?

Like as if that’s going to help. We already KNOW about what problems the BN are facing with the Terengganu issue. And we KNOW that they’re going to have to find a way to solve that problem.So what’s wrong with letting us KNOW that they’re carrying out a meeting to solve it?

If mainstream media is all about portraying the BN at its best, then they should have made it their TOP STORY, that the BN, or UMNO was taking the essential steps to solving this issue. Would that not have made them look better (albeit just a little)?

What good did keeping mum do anyway? In the end, the Star Online published one really really short article on the results of this meeting. They had to, it was news so major that if they left it out, they’d be left out.

Pity the people who get their news JUST from reading the Star. They would be going “Oh? There was an UMNO Supreme Council meeting? The PM met with the Agong?”, and scratching their heads till they get splinters in their fingernails.

Ah well, as for this issue, Idris Jusoh had it coming.

And now, our PM, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is going to have it tough for the following couple of months.

Is the mainstream media also going to black out these “interesting things” to come?


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