All Good.

The Barisan Rakyat, namely the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition, is pressing all the right buttons so far.

And why do I say that?

  1. There’s going to be FREE water in Selangor for a lot of people
  2. Schools and places of worship will only be asked to pay RM1 every year
  3. Open tenders posted on the Internet in Penang
  4. A multi-lingual MB in Perak(can’t find the source anymore..but it’s out there)
  5. No new cars for EXCO in Penang (and publicly announced too!)

And I’m positive that in the days and weeks and months to come, this list of “good things” will continue to grow longer and longer.

Seems like they’re really doing all the right things. From the heart? Whole-heartedly for the rakyat?

I’d personally like to say that, whether they’re just putting on a show to show the rakyat that they care, or they’re really genuine in wanting us rakyat to benefit, I don’t really care. Because so what if they really benefit from all this? It just makes it a win-win situation, no?

They’re politicians, no matter if they come from DAP or PKR or PAS or UMNO or MCA or MIC or SUPP or Gerakan or any other party. They’re politicians whether they form the opposition or the government. They’re politicians no matter which barisan they’re from.

And they were all able to become politicians because they ain’t stupid. Perhaps some less bright compared to others, but certainly you wouldn’t find a dungu in the government. Or at least, I hope so.

And I’m sure, all of them have a personal agenda besides what they’re telling us. I mean, come on, everyone has a personal agenda. Everyone wants to gain something sometime. It may not be monetary, but it might be fame. It’s a PERSONAL agenda, and like hell they’re going to let us in on that.

I don’t have anything against this. Hey, as long as we as the rakyat are taken care of properly, and we get what we want, then it’s fine. As long as they aren’t doing illegal stuff, or doing something that they deny doing.

In fact, I find myself hoping that they DO get something in return for all that they’re doing. Maybe international recognition. Or a prize or two for standing up to something. Or love from the public. Or good retirement prospects. Something like that. (And NOT from dirty politics, or flip-flopping, or under-the-table stuff) This way, they’ll be happy doing what they do, and we as the rakyat will benefit from them being happy, and get MORE benefits.

See? A win-win situation.

Although I’m overseas, and not able to enjoy these things, I’m happy for my family and friends who are still in Malaysia. And I’m hoping for better things to come.


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