Eating their own words

Update: Read Noraina’s All’s Well That Ends Well?

I posted previously on this blog that the Terengganu MB issue has been solved, and that Ahmad Said is now officially appointed for that seat.

What I didn’t post about here, though, is about the 22 state assemblymen who had previously voiced their support of ex-MB Idris Jusoh, and that they would all resign should Idris Jusoh not get to be MB of Terengganu again.

So, naturally, when Ahmad Said went on to get his appointment letter from the Sultan the following day, I thought that the 22 state assemblymen would make hell of a lot of noise, and although I knew that they wouldn’t stick to their guns and REALLY resign, I expected at least a couple to throw in their resignation letters.

I guess I’m still too young, too naive, and a little slow in the head.

Now, not only did they NOT raise hell, they have all now decided that they want to support Ahmad Said. What?

First, they scream that they will listen to no one but Idris Jusoh and the PM. That what the Sultan was doing was “unconstitutional”. This is the Sultan and Agong we’re talking about. And now, they scream that they want to be a united front. For all we know, next they might be screaming that they will give away all their possessions to the people!

I don’t believe people should be like that, changing ships to fit their convenience, whatever suits them. It’s morally wrong. If they have something they believe in so much, that they can threaten to resign, then stick to it. You don’t threaten to resign and then forget about it when it no longer benefits you.

I don’t really feel bad for Idris Jusoh. I believe that he must have done something really wrong for the Sultan to want to keep him out of the MB’s post that badly. But surely, he must be feeling pretty down in the dumps right about now. He thought he had it in his bag, with the endorsement of Pak Lah, and the “undying” support from the 22 assemblymen. And now, Pak Lah has accepted that Ahmad Said is to hold the post, and not only that, the 22 “supporters” he had just suddenly chose not to be there for him anymore.

People, and especially people who are in the limelight all the time (aka politicians) should take responsibility for what they have said and done. Strong statements should not be made without a strong resolve to go by it should the situation force it. If you say that you will resign if someone other than Idris Jusoh is made the MB, show some guts, and do it. Otherwise, shut up. Don’t go saying that you are all now “one big, happy family”, and expect that everyone would just conveniently forget what you said not even a week ago.

People who eat their own words cannot be good leaders. What they say become less and less reliable. If you go back on your words this easily, what happens then to the promises that you make during the election campaigns? Are you going to eat those too?


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