New Blogger?

Read in Rocky’s Bru today that Khir Toyo is starting his own blog!

Okay… So now EVERYONE wants to blog!

But seriously, what does he expect to write about? He’s no longer Selangor MB, and he’s resigned from most, if not all of his posts (If I remember correctly). If he started a blog back in the days when he was still a someone, then maybe his blog would have come in handy for us to “know” what he was up to. Although I doubt he would be writing about the truth and nothing but the truth. Still, it would have been worth the read.

I’ve visited his blog, and since it’s new, there’s just an introductory entry at the moment. I’d be curious to know what he’s going to fill up his blog with? Whether he’d be pro-UMNO or bad-mouthing about it, now that he has “nothing to do with it” anymore.

Funny how this world works. One day, bloggers are condemned as the ones responsible for creating havoc and chaos, and causing political instability, creating racial tension, and all that crap. Of course, we all know that this is not true, but try saying that to the high-up people who have their noses in the air. After all, they’ve got to pin the blame on someone, and bloggers were most convenient.

Then now, as experts have shown that it’s the New Media, and the bloggers that caused the change in wind, and that the BN downfall was due to their own ignorance of these bloggers they called “irrelevant” and “only form a minority”, they suddenly change their minds and think, “Hmm, maybe I should start a blog too! Then the young voters will like me!”

By all means, Khir Toyo, write your blog! After all, you don’t need a licence to publish any blog on the Internet, and you can write any damn thing that you want without worrying that someone might detain you. (Oh wait, I think the BN still can…) You may get slapped with a fine or two, but that should be fine with all the beef you have in your coffers.

I wonder, how many other BN politicians will start blogging after this?


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