Some “cents” anyone?

I heard from a friend that Malaysia is soon going to do away with RM0.01. When I asked whether the one cent coins were going back to the bank, she said that it was going to remain as legal tender, although there won’t be any receipts where you have to pay a total of RM6.78 anymore. But if the bill comes to RM6.65, you’re going to have to pay that 5 cents. So all the one cents that can’t be used anymore have to now be used in multiples of 5.

I found this quite ridiculous, and thought for a moment that my friend was pulling my leg. And then I found this article on the Star Online.

Why then, if they’re rounding up the bills, are they not just abolishing the one cent coins? Why let them remain as legal tender? Does this make any sense at all?

I don’t see the rationale behind this. In my opinion, even the 5 cent coin should be made obsolete. Why not just round the figure up to the nearest ringgit? Are Malaysians so fussy that they won’t even let go of a measly 5 cents?

Of course, I know that a lot of 5 cents and one cents, when put together, can add up to a lot. After all, sikit-sikit, lama lama menjadi bukit. I know, I know. But since the Bank Negara has already decided that they want to round the figures up, then they might as well make it easier to understand and carry out, and not make things even more confusing for the pengguna.

What’s the point in keeping the one cent coin in circulation? So that the people can save up and use them, five at a time, when they do their Sunday shopping?

Perhaps the good people at Bank Negara should sit at the table and rethink this. Set a deadline for the people to change all their one cent coins at the banks. And then just make the one cent obsolete. And since they’re already sitting down together, they might as well decide to do the same for the five cent coin as well.

That, to me, makes perfect “cents”.


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