Calling for them to be freed only now?

According to articles in Rocky’s Bru and Nuraina‘s blogs, Samy Vellu is calling for the release of the 5 leaders of Hindraf. *Read the comments, they’re interesting!

Like Nuraina, I do support Samy Vellu’s call for their release. And like Nuraina as well, I believe that Samy should have stood up for them when they were first detained under the ISA. He should have said something against it in the first place.

It’s a bit late now, in my opinion. They’ve been detained for quite some time already, and it’s got the rakyat pretty much pissed about Samy’s silence all this while. And now, after losing in the general elections, Samy has actually lost a lot of power and influence. He is now no more a member of Parliament, no more a minister. He is only the leader of MIC, and one that doesn’t seem to be garnering a lot of confidence votes from either within the party, or the rakyat.

Back before the GE 2008, when he was still pretty influential, he should have spoken up about the injustice of this detainment, as he sees it now. His popularity was already on a low, and by remaining mum about this incident when it happened last year, he provoked anger amongst the rakyat, the Indian community especially. And thus lost the last ounce of popularity.

Although he said that this move is NOT a move to win back Indian support for the party, it might actually do just that. Although the rakyat will probably be thinking more than twice before believing and trusting in him again.

I doubt what he’s saying is real in any sense, though. He’s saying that he’s doing this for the Indian community, but really, what’s going on in his brain is probably that he might get back some of his popularity, and probably stay as MIC leader for the next couple of years, or something like that. It can’t be 100% purely for the sake of the Hindraf 5. If it was for them, then he would have did something back when he COULD have done something.

It’s all a bit too late, really. Even if the Hindraf 5 really do get released, and they may be grateful for being released, I don’t think they’ll be thinking of thanking Samy any time in the near future. It’s just all too little, too late. And they know it, we know it. Samy probably knows it too, but hey, he’s got to do SOMETHING to help his reputation.

And, just another opinion of mine, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, our PM at the moment, would do well to heed this calling. If he really DID release the Hindraf 5, he’d also be getting a few cookie points, and possibly lessen the anger and frustrations of the general public.

**I personally don’t know much about the Hindraf issue, so am not in a position to pass many comments at this point. But my idea is that people should be trialed at court for ANY damn thing that they do “wrong” and not just slapped into detention under the ISA. So yes, I am for the release of the Hindraf 5. I am also for the release of all the other detainees under ISA. And I’m for the abolishing of the ISA.


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