Religion now used as political instrument as well…

Dutch politician, Geert Wilders made a 15 minute movie on “the nasty side of Koran”, and has openly stated that the book should be banned. I don’t think I even need to add any links here, just Google search “Fitna”, and you’ll find tons and tons of information.

Wilders had made this movie to protest against the Quran (that’s how I spell the Islamic Holy Book), but the Dutch government refused to let him air in nationally. So he ended up posting it up on the Internet on 27 March 2008.

I’ve downloaded it, watched it, and to be honest, I was left totally speechless.

No doubt, the footages he put in there were all real ones. And no doubt, there are terrorists still, and it is a problem. And to see it all, condensed into 15 minutes, that’s a little more than what I can stomach.

But the interpretation of the Quran.. I found it disturbing. I’m no Muslim. But even I know that no religion in the world would ask you to kill or rape another person just because he/she believes in another religion. And, to put it all so clearly in words, it’s more than just a one-sided view. It is, to me, not only lopsided, but also oversteps the boundaries of his right to freedom of expression.

There are many videos in circulation now, not only of the movie, but also of his interviews on CNN, BBC, ABC and all the other big news networks. And some of the things that he said outright in front of the camera for the entire world to hear were downright unfair, and disrespectful.

To make such strong remarks, which I’m not going to repeat here, with no care as to what others would think and interpret from it, is wrong. He claims that he doesn’t want to be some politically correct hypocrit who doesn’t dare to say what he thinks. He will exercise his freedom of speech, and his freedom of expression.

He, is being very irresponsible.

Does he not care of the consequences of what his movie and statements would bring about? Did he not think about what would happen after he condemned the Quran, and instigated anger and hatred from within the Muslims towards him, his country and his religion?

People will have their differences. In Malaysia, we have our differences. We have our difficulties. But we manage. We’ve lived together, although not as harmoniously as we would like to be, but we’ve lived together for the past 50 years, and even more years from the time before Merdeka. And not only are we of different races, we practise different beliefs and religions. And we manage.

To describe the Quran as “fascist”, is stepping on religious lines, lines which should never be touched. To say that Islamisation should be stopped, is the oil that makes the fire grow bigger. And should this fire stay fiery for any longer, it will burn all that it touches. And the fire knows neither friend nor foe.

Perhaps in Western countries, there is too much freedom, something we do not experience in Malaysia. Perhaps, too much freedom without guidelines and boundaries, is no good. Perhaps we can learn from this that without control, most things tend to go amok.

If Geert Wilders was in Malaysia when he said this, or when he made this movie, he would have been detained by the ISA already, and probably treated to a nice session of interrogation.

I’m STILL not for the ISA. I still think that the ISA should be abolished. I still think that anyone and everyone deserves a fair trail in court, no matter what he/she might or might not have done.

In this case, however, it doesn’t concern the ISA. Because Geert Wilders is no Malaysian. But trust me, Malaysia is going to get involved in this, somehow or other. Because we are, after all, an important component of the OIC. Islam is, after all, the official religion of our country.

Like what I’ve said, I’m no Muslim. But I shake my head at this poor excuse for a politician. He has started a movement, whether he likes it or not. He has started a war, whether it is visible or not. And the world would potentially be thrown into chaos and confusion, where peace may be as scarce as dinosaurs on modern Earth.

His movie, which was for the intention of getting the Quran banned, has not only NOT helped his cause, but instead is inviting trouble. What he has done, is he has made it even MORE difficult for the government in Netherlands to function. What he has done, is he has made the Muslims take the defensive role.

Whether there will now be MORE people who join the ranks of the terrorists, we can just wait and see. Whether the Islamic countries from all around the world would start a protest, or worse, war against Geert Wilders or the Netherlands, remains to be unfolded. Whether Malaysia, at this fragile time, would involve herself in this fight for the pride of Islam, we cannot tell.

What I do know is, if religion is used in this modern day as a tool for politicians to gain popularity, if religion is manipulated in this modern day to instigate hate and anger amongst the citizens of the world, then there will be no peace. No matter how many people fight for Human Rights, no matter how many people fight for peace, no matter how many people fight for better living conditions, no matter ho many people fight for social welfare, if there is ONE person who defies these actions, and calls upon the nasty side of human nature, then all this fighting will come to nothing.

Be brave, Malaysia, show your stand. We do not have to be an Islamic state to know that this condemnation of Islam, of ANY religion, is wrong. We do not have to all be Muslims before we realise that this can start a world war.

We are Malaysians, regardless of race and religion. And as Malaysians, we must stand for what we know is right.


One Comment on “Religion now used as political instrument as well…”

  1. tomatoinc says:

    i can’t agree more with your thoughts. i can’t even finished the movie, seeing how ‘one-sided’ and ‘vengeanceful’ it was. it sounds more like a nazi-propoganda video than a documnetary. calling it a documentary is giving it undeserved credits.

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