Mainstream Media

Read Zorro’s blog.

I couldn’t agree with him more.

By using mainstream media as their mouth piece, they are also hanging themselves. Now, it would seem that Malaysians are no more the young, immature bunch of people who believe everything they see or read in the newspapers. In this time and place, there are so many other sources of information that when there are differences in the information being presented, doubt is created.

This doubt is normally reserved for the mainstream media, because they stand to earn and gain from their publications, whereas most New Media do not. Of course, there are still the random few who choose to believe the MSM, and claim that it is the New Media and the bloggers who are not getting their facts right, and spinning tales and stories to get more publicity. Some such examples can be found here on Kak Nuraina’s blog.

What these people don’t get, is that the bloggers and people of the New Media are merely reporting what is really happening, just without filtering. Unlike the MSM, who filter EVERYTHING, and only what they deem to be “clean” can pass through, the New Media reports on things that are happening, regardless of whether the report is in favour of BN or BR.

It is news that we rakyat are interested in. Why is it so difficult for the MSM to give us what we want? Do they think of us as that ignorant and idiotic that we do not know how to decide for ourselves, who we want to support? Do we need daily hammering of the “goodness” that the BN is bestowing upon us to tell us that it is the BN that we should be supporting?

Journalism in mainstream media has definitely deteriorated, if it was ever up there to begin with. And this especially due to the stronghold of the BN component parties in these companies.

If we say we practice Human Rights, and that we practice freedom of speech/expression, then we should live up to it. And the first to exercise this right of ours, should be the media. If even the media dare not speak up, and report objectively, then there is no fairness, no equality.

It is not to my interest to read lopsided pieces of texts that go around masquerading as “news”.


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