An action based on convenience

A quote I got from Zorro’s page.
“This is the time for the bloggers to do something useful and not just use their blogs to condemn the government.” – Zahid Hamidi, Minister in the PM’s Department. He said this in response to Geert Wilder’s documentary on Islam and the Quran. I wrote a piece on this at an earlier date.

Interesting, no? It seems like suddenly, after the General Elections 2008, everyone is looking towards the blogs and bloggers to “spread the word”. But then again, it probably came to light for these ignorant politicians about the power of the New Media and its influence, as can be seen here on Marina Mahathir’s blog.

But seriously, how did he actually expect us to react to that? Did he expect to see the bloggers all throw their hands in the air and shout “Hurrah!”? Did he expect to see a range of different blogs the very next day, “condemning” Geert Wilders for his controversial “documentary” on Islam and the Quran? Did he expect that suddenly all the bloggers would hug him and declare that he is the wisest man on earth for finally acknowledging the fact of the strength of the bloggers?

Did he seriously expect us to welcome this falsity with open arms?

Just because it is convenient to look to the bloggers to “condemn” this Dutchman, he comes “asking” the bloggers to take charge. What of the government? What of the mainstream media? What of our reps out there? What are they doing? Why turn to bloggers for help on this issue, when at other times you claim that we are “condemning” the government?

If the bloggers truly condemn the government, then why in the world would they even listen to you now?

It is just LOW, to criticise people for the things that they do, and then ask them to do that exact same thing for your own purposes when it suits you. If you don’t like blogs, then don’t ask them to do ANYTHING. If we do, it’s only because we want to, not because you asked us to. And if you DO really think that blogs are truly the thing of the present, and you admit their strength, then don’t criticise them for only “condemning” the goverment. You cannot say one thing, and do another.

And besides, on this issue, what Zorro said is also correct. Just because ONE Dutch politician decides to declare war with the Islamic community, doesn’t mean you have to punish the rest of the country along with him. What good does putting red stickers on Dutch products do? It wouldn’t hurt the Dutch man. If anything, it’s going to hurt the country’s economy. And of course, like in any other country, it’s going to be the people who are going to take the brunt of it. It’s the people of the Netherlands who are going to suffer, not Geert Wilders. So tell me again, what good is that going to do?

Think, people. Think.

It’s the same case with Azalina doing away with the MoU‘s in the five states under the Pakatan Rakyat ruling, no? It’s going to bring the state’s economy, and subsequently the capital generated. Hence, it’s not Azalina who’s going to taste it, it’s the people, the rakyat. Trying to punish us for voting for change?

All too convenient, I’d say.


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