Azalina’s saying all the wrong things

Prior to this post, I wrote that Azalina made a statement that politicians can do anything they like to gain the people’s support.

Now, as Tourism Minister of Malaysia, she has decided to terminate the Memorandum of Understanding with the five states that are not under the BN rule. Read here, Kak Nuraina’s blog.

It would seem that Azalina has not had enough of saying all the wrong things. And also quite obvious that she’s not practicing her right as a politician to say whatever she wants to gain our support. In fact, I’m not quite sure what she’s doing here.

What exactly does she stand to gain by doing that? By channeling the money meant for the state tourism somewhere else? What, then, is going to happen to the tourism industry in the state?

And we’re not talking about small sums of money. Nor are we talking about states where there are zero tourists. In fact, if nothing else, Penang and Selangor happen to generate large sums of capital towards the country, just through tourism alone. And let’s not forget about Pulau Langkawi in good ol’ Kedah, and how much that generates every year.

Just because these states are no more under the BN control, that doesn’t mean that they can do away with the development and progress of the tourism industry there. It only equates them to being sore losers.

The rakyat voted for change. And of course, that was change for the better.

If Azalina Othman Said, Tourism Minister of Malaysia, thinks she wants to “get back” at the rakyat by taking tourism away from the state, just so we can see “change”, and she thinks that this will change our minds into voting for BN the next time around, she’s in for a big shock.

Oh, I forgot, she won without contesting anyway. She probably doesn’t know much about how to serve the community. She better learn quick, before all this catches up with her and nips her in the backside.

This was definitely a bad, bad move.


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