Gerakan: Free Hindraf 5

Them too?

And here I thought that only the MIC were so desperate to get back some of the support that they totally lost during the last GE. Seems like Gerakan is “gerak-ing” towards the same direction as well. Read here.

This is exactly the same case with when Samy Vellu called for their release a few days back. I wrote about it here.

What this shows us, is some serious lack of commitment from these politicians. They’re showing us quite a bit of chameleon skills here, changing their colours to suit the environment that they’re in.

And like I’ve said before, this is just too little, too late. It’s not only too late to redeem themselves, it’s also too late to really make any impact on anyone.

I’m quite let down really, with the standard of politic, and how these politicians carry themselves. Have some dignity. Have some pride.

If they’re saying now that they are against holding anyone in detention without trial, and they’re saying now that they’re against the ISA and Emergency Ordinance, why then didn’t they voice their displeasure when it was first implemented? Why did they continue to seek shelter under the big BN umbrella when they didn’t agree with the BN slapping everyone with the ISA threat every time something got slightly out of hand? Why are they only asking for the release of the Hindraf 5, when there are dozens more under ISA detention?


Yes, free the Hindraf 5. That’s a start. And then they should call for the release and fair trial for all the other ISA detainees. After that, they could start doing away with the ISA, moderating it so that the right for fair and just trial is preserved.

Perhaps Gerakan and MIC could work together in this issue, pressing forward. But I seriously doubt it’s going to bring about much difference. After all, they’ve lost their power since the last GE.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar makes a statement in tomorrow’s newspaper, saying he’s STILL not letting them go.


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