Islamic laws for non-Islamic folk?

Malaysia seems to have a lot of weird things going on at the moment. What with the likes of Azalina terminating the MoU’s in the five opposition states, and then we have Zahid saying that bloggers should “do something useful” instead of “condemning the government”.

And now, out of nowhere, there is a proposition to introduce Islamic laws for non-Islamic folk. This, is in relation to khalwat, in other words, close proximity. Read about it here.

There are already a lot of comments and feedback of the people’s thinking towards what is being proposed here. And it’s not just wanting to punish the non-Muslim people for committing khalwat with Muslims, they’re also looking to apply more severe punishments for the Muslims who do.

Are these people in their right mind? Especially during this time when people like Geert Wilders are actively taking a stand against Islam and it’s “radical-ness”, now even Malaysia wants to offer stronger proof of Islamic imposition?

It’s not doing it for me, this proposed thing. I can’t even call it a proposed LAW for its ridiculousness and idioticity. What are they looking to achieve? It’s a very backward proposition, this one, almost wanting to put Malaysia on the map of history, bringing her back to the times when it was alright to kill in the name of religion.

It’s no more okay to do that, no matter if you’re a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, or any other religion. It’s not okay to impose upon people the laws of your own religion, no matter what religion that is. It’s no more logical to do it at this time, this era.

And what’s more, it just might create yet another gap, another rift between the people of Malaysia. Is it not enough that there is racial difference happening in Malaysia? This racial discrimination is a problem, and all of us know it. And now, even when this problem has YET to be addressed properly, these people happily come along and suggest something that could add another kind of discrimination into the lives of the rakyat.

This proposition, whether it gets implemented or not, has already made headlines. And the people have already read about it. Most of the Non-Muslims are now probably going to go “See what voting for PAS has brought about?”. Not true, but it could become a general sentiment, given that PAS has been lobbying for Syariah laws for so many years back.

Part of their plan?

And then, of course, it really doesn’t matter if it gets implemented or not. Because what it would do, once that knee-jerk reaction has occured, is to drive the wedge deeper into the racial rift. Muslims and non-Muslims are generally Malays and non-Malays in Malaysia. And when the non-Muslims see a probability of something like that happening, any goodwill that they had of closing the racial gap would now disappear. Resentment of the Muslim community would surface. And it’d be the Malays against the non-Malays again.


I honestly think that the people who were proposing this were not thinking in their right mind. Or maybe they just weren’t thinking, like so many of the other politicians who are making idiotic decisions and statements.

Think, people. THINK!

Think deep, think hard. Then maybe you’ll come to the same conclusion that these good people had:
Datuk A. Vaithilingam
Ahmad Hafidz Baharom
Marina Mahathir
Farish A. Noor

And I’m sure there are many other people who are in their right frame of mind. Let’s just hope that these people come to their senses soon, before they ruin Malaysia for the rest of us.


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