Random Name Calling

“Those who did not vote us are tiga suku (crazy)” – Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

Okay.. Where did that statement come from?

Of course, it’s quite obvious from the statement that he’s referring to the people who didn’t vote for the Pakatan Rakyat during the last general elections. But it’s overstepping the boundaries a bit, if you asked me.

We are the rakyat. We vote for whomever we want. Why is he calling us names now?

If he can call the people who didn’t vote for DAP or PAS or PKR “tiga suku”, then anyone from the BN can call those who did vote for DAP or PAS or PKR, “bodoh”, or “dungu”, or anything else for that matter. And what does that boil down to?

There are quite a number of politicians out there who seem to think that they know best, or that they are a “somebody” who’s not to be messed around with. And it does seem like politicians can say whatever they want, whether or not it is to gain the people’s support, as how Azalina Othman Said put it.

What did this PAS leader think he was achieving by calling the people who didn’t vote for them “tiga suku”? Does he think that by naming these people in this manner, they will be ashamed of themselves for not voting for Pakatan Rakyat? Does he think that these people who didn’t vote for them will now come out into the open and start a protest that, because of their “tiga suku”-ness, they have voted for the wrong people and that the government should rightfully belong to the Pakatan? Does he think that now that he has called these people “tiga suku”, they’re going to find that other “suku” left, and vote for the Pakatan the next time around, no questions asked?

This name calling is not the way to go. It’s almost like imposing upon the people that they have to vote for the Pakatan to be deemed as “empat suku”. It’s democracy. Of course there are going to be differences of opinions, and hence the difference when it comes to voting.

And, one more thing. By saying that the people who didn’t vote for the Pakatan Rakyat are “tiga suku”, is he trying to say that more than half the people of Malaysia are “tiga suku”? Not a very promising thought, is it?


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