Buying/Bribing change?

ACA checking claims that Barisan wants to bribe DAP reps

IPOH: The Perak Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) has begun investigating allegations that Barisan Nasional wants to “buy over” DAP elected representatives.

Confirming that investigation files had been opened, state ACA director Samsiah Abu Bakar said here yesterday that several people, including Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran, had been called up to give their statements to assist investigations.

Reiterating that DAP elected representatives were not for sale, Kulasegaran urged Barisan to go by the book.

“If we can wait for 50 years, why can’t Barisan wait for five years? Prove that you are better than the Pakatan Rakyat Government and let the people be the judge,” he said.

On Sunday, Tronoh assemblyman V. Sivakumar alleged that he had been deluged with offers to switch camps to Barisan since the March 8 general election.

He claimed that the highest offer was RM65mil in cash and a state executive council (exco) member post.

However, state Barisan vice-chairman Datuk Ramly Zahari dismissed Sivakumar’s allegation, saying that it is “impossible”.

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I wonder who’s speaking the truth here. I wonder if it’s true what the DAP reps are claiming, whether they have kept any records that can prove that BN was really trying to buy them over. I wonder, if it’s NOT true what the DAP reps are claiming, how BN can come out clean with the public, seeing that now not many in the rakyat would be believing their side of the story, given their “beautiful” track record.

So now it comes and bites them in the backside. After telling untruths, and giving empty promises to the rakyat, we have now come to our senses. So even if the DAP reps are just pulling our leg here (not good though), the general public would be thinking that it is the BN people who are lying. It’s almost too classic, like the boy who cried wolf.

It wouldn’t be impossible, as Datuk Ramly Zahari claims. Because the BN indeed got a massive hiding from the Pakatan during the last GE. And having suffered such a loss of seats, support, and not to mention pride, it is quite imaginable that the BN might be trying their very best to salvage some ‘face’, and perhaps strong-arm some seats back.

And to think, all this coming after the BN themselves proposed an Act against party-hopping. Are they trying to get as many people to party-hop before they put the Act in place? But wait, didn’t Abdullah Ahmad Badawi just say the other day that party-hoppers have no integrity, and that these people are abusing the trust that the rakyat have placed on them?

So shouldn’t the BN be rejecting defectors INTO BN? Or does this logic just work one way?

**Here, I’m just making assumptions that it is the DAP reps who are telling the truth, and the BN reps are just denying everything that doesn’t put them in good stead.


But then again, who is to say that it’s not the DAP reps who are spinning up a story just so that the BN look bad? From previous experiences, I wouldn’t say that it’s below them. Just so that they can get a firmer grip on the people’s support, they might cook up a story such as this, and get the people to support them more. By doing this, they can show to the people that they don’t care how much money or fame or how high a position is being offered to them. That they really just care about policies and principles and the betterment of the rakyat. And if, at the end of the day, the ACA can come up with nothing (which would be the case if there wasn’t any evidence in the first place), it would just be wiped off as a case of BN interfering with the ACA’s investigations. Or something more or less to that tune.


From all aspects, this “story” only helps put the DAP reps in better light, and BN reps in ‘dung’.

Case scenario #1, where the ACA can actually prove that BN is trying to buy over DAP reps, then of course, the BN will suffer yet another setback in what is turning out to be an interesting year in politics. The BN reps in Perak would have a lot of answering to do. And the PM would probably say that “this matter will be discussed by the Supreme Council”, or something towards that trend. After all, that’s all he’s been saying these days, except blaming other people that is.

Case scenario #2, where the ACA cannot find any proof whatsoever about the BN trying to buy over the DAP reps, the general public would still rather believe in the inability of the ACA, and the cunningness of the BN in hiding their tracks, than to believe that the DAP reps were lying. For the more neutral ones sitting on neither side of the fence, they’ll probably just say it was a simple issue of misunderstanding of some sort.

Case scenario #3, where the ACA not only cannot find any proof whatsoever about the BN trying to buy over DAP reps, but instead finds proof that the DAP reps were coining up a fictional story and sending the ACA on a wild goose chase, then all hell would probably break loose. But I doubt that this scenario would ever happen. Not because I believe the DAP reps to be innocent, and cannot tell lies, but because I don’t believe it is possible to prove that someone was telling someone else a talltale. Unless that someone who was telling a talltale himself admits to telling one. Otherwise, how are you going to prove that this talltale, is not in fact a real life story?

Therefore, scratching out case scenario #3, we have left just #1 and #2. And these two scenarios are slightly pro-DAP, no matter how you slice or dice it.

Slightly unfair to the BN perhaps? But admittedly, they brought it upon themselves.


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