A penny for Abdullah’s thoughts

…or actually, I’m willing to give a little more than a penny.

What exactly can be going on in his mind at this moment? First, he says that he knows that he is responsible for the bad showing of BN and UMNO in the last general elections, and that they will carry out a post-mortem to reflect on what they had done wrong. After that, he comes out and blames practically everyone for the defeat, among them Mahathir, Ku Li, Anwar, and some 100 UMNO members. And now, he again says that he knows he has to be held responsible, and that he’s going to stay on in the party to gain the lost confidence before he leaves. Read Kak Nuraina’s post here and here.

Seriously, it’s getting a little confusing here.

If he knows that he’s responsible for the defeat in the GE2008, then he should also know that it was basically because the rakyat had just lost confidence in him and his leadership. He knows that. And of course, he’s not the only one to be held responsible. There were many other BN reps who lost dearly in their respective constituencies, and this was also because they had lost the trust and confidence of the rakyat as well.

Of course, as their leader, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is mostly to blame. But as I previously said, once confidence and trust is lost, you can’t just imagine to go to the “Lost and Found” section and expect to get it back there. It just doesn’t happen that way.

He was given one term to deliver on the goods that he promised us. He didn’t. And one term is not a short time. It was a full four years. And for the past four years, I believe that he has shown enough of himself to the rakyat for them to lose that confidence that they first had in him.

And it’s actually especially sad for them, and especially drastic too, because Abdullah had actually won with such a strong mandate in the GE2004. He was given such trust, such confidence, such support. And because he failed to deliver, the rakyat are even more disappointed than they would be with any other leader.

His saying that he wants to stay with the party until the party gets stronger and gains back the confidence of the rakyat seems to me like he’s trying to blind himself and his party from the actual truth. Perhaps he has been blinded from the truth by some of his so-called advisors. The confidence he once had from the rakyat has already been lost. There is nothing much else that he can actually do to get it back. Perhaps it is time to change the leadership.

Perhaps what some claim that the Johor UMNO reps are saying is the correct way to go. They are saying that Abdullah should step down gracefully, keeping his pride and dignity intact, instead of being ‘kicked out’ in the polls. Read Rocky’s Bru here. It certainly looks like that is the best way for Abdullah to leave the political scene with as much pride and dignity that he can have. To leave only by force when he is no longer wanted as a leader only contributes more to what would be shameful to him.

To be honest, I’m not so sure as to what I think should be done to the present government. Perhaps time will tell. Or perhaps Abdullah should just stop talking so much, and stop saying such irrelevant things. He seems to be hurting himself more, statement after statement. There has been much fault in what he has been telling the media, faults that have been further emphasised by the alternative media. I admit to that. But these are the things that are picked up, no matter whether you are a good or bad leader. People are just naturally critical of others.

I don’t believe that what Abdullah has been saying all this while has been carefully thought of. Perhaps he should take more time to think things over before opening his mouth in front of the media anymore.

The Malaysian political scene is getting more interesting by the day. That is for certain.


One Comment on “A penny for Abdullah’s thoughts”

  1. ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown’ (Book title)
    ‘What goes round, comes around’ (Popular saying)
    It’s time now to wake up any sleeping clown
    To get cracking before more damages abound

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 120408
    Sat. 12th April 2008.

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