PAS and the implementation of hudud laws

According to an article here at the Star Online, the MCA has spoken up about PAS’ “ultimate” goal of implementing hudud laws in Malaysia once it gains power as the Federal Government, and can alter the Constitution.

MCA slams PAS on hudud goal

KUALA LUMPUR: The MCA strongly condemns a PAS statement that it intends to turn the country into an Islamic state and implement hudud laws, says party president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

“Once PAS is strong, it will amend the Federal Constitution to implement hudud laws. Their partners in the coalition should openly declare their stand on the statement,” he said after chairing the party presidential council meeting at Wisma MCA here yesterday.

Ong was asked to comment on a Chinese daily’s front-page story on a statement by PAS deputy spiritual leader Datuk Dr Haron Din on the Harakah website.

Dr Haron had urged PAS supporters to be patient for the party to capture the Federal Government so that it could amend the Federal Constitution to implement hudud laws.

MCA Youth chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said the DAP should make its stand on the PAS statement.

“The DAP also owes an apology to the Chinese community. The DAP said it would not join the alternative coalition if PAS did not give up on setting up an Islamic state,” he said in a press conference here yesterday.

Liow said although PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had said the Islamic policy would not be implemented, “see what is happening now.”

“They (PAS) have shown their true colours after the general election.

“DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and Anwar should make their stand and apologise to the people,” he said.

Full article here.


So… MCA is asking the DAP to apologise to the Chinese community for ‘bluffing’ them again. They made this statement earlier, about a week after the GE2008 in early March, when DAP decided to work together with PAS and PKR to form a coalition state government in Perak. At that time, Tanjong Malim MP Ong Ka Chuan said that the DAP had duped the Chinese community of Perak into voting for them by promising that they would not cooperate with PAS, and yet did exactly that when they managed to garner enough seats to form the state government.

Now, it would seem, that it is no more a case of just one state. It is about the whole of Malaysia. And it is now the older brother, Ong Ka Ting, President of MCA who is saying that DAP owes the people an apology.

I’ve went to the Harakah website to have a look at this article by Dato’ Dr Haron Din. And indeed, I did find this statement:

Kita perlu bersabar sehingga Kerajaan Pusat dikuasai oleh PAS sehingga Perlembagaan Persekutuan dapat diubah, maka barulah ia menjadi keutamaan.

But the other thing that I did was to read the whole article. And it doesn’t seem to be much of a threat really. Perhaps Ong Ka Ting and the other MCA reps who had a say in this did not really read the article to see for themselves what was being said in it, and just gave a response based on what was being reported in the Chinese daily. That would mean that it was not an informed response. On the other hand, they actually might have had a read of the entire article, giving them the benefit of the doubt. And they probably decided to just pick up on what they deemed would do PAS the most damage, and hammered on that one point instead.

First things first, we must understand that PAS is an Islamic party. Their entire construction is based on Islam. They have spiritual leaders, leaders that speak based on what they have studied in the Quran, based on what they know about the religion. Islam will never be an irrelevant thing for PAS. In fact, it will remain the main focus of PAS until the day they disappear from the face of the earth.

I’m not Muslim. And I don’t want Malaysia to have hudud laws. But is that the only thing that PAS is about? About implementing hudud laws in Malaysia? Is there nothing else that PAS cares about?

If PAS has only been focusing on implementing hudud laws in Malaysia, I doubt that they would have gotten that much support for this many years. PAS is in fact one of the oldest political parties in Malaysia! PAS is even older than MCA! And yet, till today, they are still strong, they still have support, and I don’t think that the rakyat, no matter how Islamic they are, would blindly support a party that only lobbies for the implementation of hudud laws. PAS has got to have other merits.

I believe that some of these merits can actually be seen in the same article mentioned above.

….memberi perhatian dan tindakan yang sewajarnya kepada pertumbuhan dan perkembangan ekonomi, khususnya kepada golongan bawahan, fakir miskin agar mereka terbela menerusi pemberian zakat.

Sekiranya semua zakat yang wajib atas umat Islam yang berada (kaya) di sesebuah negeri (khususnya di Selangor), dikumpul dengan cara yang berkesan dan sempurna, serta diagihkan kepada golongan yang miskin dengan cara yang betul, maka bayangkanlah apa yang akan berlaku.

Read the article here, and form your own opinions about it.


Perhaps there has been far too much speculations and criticisms on PAS and what they fight for. And perhaps in the past, they have been much too radical for a multi-cultural country. But perhaps, in the light of what is happening to Malaysia now, we should all be given a chance to mature and grow.


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