Anwar’s speech during Black 14

I visited Anwar Ibrahim’s blog, and found the videos of his speech during the Black 14 gathering on Monday. His stuff is posted up on YouTube, as one would expect anyway, and seriously, really grateful for this chance to be able to witness this up front, because there was just NO CHANCE for me to really see what was going on, me being in New Zealand and all..

Here’s a snippet:

The rest of the speech can be found on the same page at YouTube, I’m sure you all would know how to work it, right?


Surprising, really, that the cops decided to disband the gathering at exactly the spot when Anwar started getting quite personal with Abdullah Badawi. Makes one wonder if it was really merely a coincidence? Anwar said that the cops only came in to ask them to disperse, because they received orders. Okay, well and fine. I give them some credit, because they didn’t start shooting water cannons. And they let Anwar continue talking for a moment or two, even if it was only to help calm the crowd. Nicely done, that one. At least we now know that not all cops are ninnies.

And if Anwar can say that he’s grateful for the cooperation he got from the cops during the beginning of his speech, for traffic control and stuff like that, it sort of paints a different story to what’s being reported now, really.

The bigger guns in the police force are saying that the gathering was illegal to start with. But if there were police officers there that night that were directing traffic and helping with crowd control, then it would seem a lot more like a peaceful gathering, than one that is illegal.

It’s very telling, what the ‘high-up’s want the people to think, by what they say through the news reports. Because from the videos, I believe that it’s quite apparent what happened that night. Peaceful, compared to most gatherings. Seriously. And with police cooperation, nothing gets more legal than that.


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