Glaring banners: We want Pak Lah to give way

Saw some photos on a blog today, Cake Eating Fool. But this blogger is definitely no fool. One such photo he took:

He has promised more photos to come.


But what does this photo tell you? It tells ME that Pak Lah is losing support, quick. And Najib, somehow, is gaining the support that Pak Lah has lost.

I don’t see the rationale behind replacing Pak Lah, if the replacement’s going to be Najib. Never really liked the guy. And he comes with a lot of baggage too.

Najib’s been awfully quiet about this succession thing, saying that he’s confident that the PM (namely, Pak Lah) will have the wisdom and knowledge to take care of the issue. Perhaps it’s a wise move on Najib’s part. He doesn’t have to say anything, really. He’s just biding his time.


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