MP’s ask no questions, MSM finds out from blogs

I was reading Rocky’s Bru yesterday about how 29 MP’s did not submit questions to be asked during the first Parliament meeting, to be held some time soon. The full list of names who did not fulfill their political responsiblity can be found at ewoon’s page here.

Funny, though, that the newspapers only picked up on this news today. And even more surprising, what was being reported.

Vocal MP’s rapped for not sending queries to Parliament

KUALA LUMPUR: Fourteen Opposition MPs, some of whom had been very vocal when campaigning before the general election, have been heavily criticised on websites for squandering their chance to question the Government on various issues at the first Parliament session to be held on April 28.

Bloggers had reported that 29 MPs, including three ex-Ministers and one former Deputy Minister, had not submitted any question to Parliament.

Full article here.


MP’s must submit questions 21 days before Parliament meets

KUALA LUMPUR: Each MP should submit 10 oral questions and five written questions for Dewan Rakyat’s Question Time 21 days before the house begins each meeting.

Ipoh Timor MP Lim Kit Siang said for the coming meeting, the deadline for MPs to submit questions was 5pm on April 8.

The inaugural meeting for the new incoming Parliament begins on April 28 and ends on May 27.

The next meeting when the MPs will get another chance at asking questions begins on June 23.

The questions, whereby MPs can ask the Government to explain their policies, decisions and actions, can either be faxed or e-mailed to the secretary of the Dewan Rakyat.

Full article here.


‘Silent’ MP’s give excuses

KUALA LUMPUR: Some said they forgot, others said they were too busy while at least one blamed it on a communication breakdown.

Whatever the reason, bloggers slammed the MPs who did not fulfil their elected responsibility to question the Government on all sorts of issues.

According to some blogs, the number of MPs who did not submit a single query totalled 29, with 15 of them said to be from the Barisan Nasional.

The DAP has admitted that five of its MPs failed to submit questions, while six PKR MPs have come out to state why they did not submit any question.

Full article here.


Here, I could actually go on and on about how irresponsible these MP’s are for not submitting their questions for the first Parliamentary meeting. I mean, especially for the Pakatan Rakyat reps. Don’t they have any questions for the Barisan Nasional reps to answer? Or are they just so happy that they got elected that they forgot that they had a job to do?

Of course, these BN reps are not off the hook as well. They’re still MP’s. And that means they have the same responsibilities. “Member of Parliament”, in Malay, is Wakil Rakyat. What on earth are these MP’s thinking? Even if they don’t have any personal questions to ask, surely the rakyat which they are supposed to be wakil-ing would have plenty. If they can’t come up with any, go back to the grassroots, conduct a meeting with the people, and ask them what they want to see covered in the first meeting of the Parliament.

They can’t all be so ignorant to assume that all is just well and fine in their constituencies. If that’s the case, they should make way for someone else to do their job. Being a Yang Berhormat doesn’t mean anything if they can’t do the simple things required of them. Besides, if they don’t do their job properly, their Yang Berhormat title will be nothing but a title. They’ve got to learn how to earn that hormat.

**One more thing, it seems like blogs are getting much credit over this issue. The Star actually gave credit to the blogs, and quite obviously implying that this was where their source came from. And as is quite apparent, it wasn’t a load of bull too.

So, see? Bloggers don’t “spread lies”, as some ministers have claimed. These unknown truths were uncovered by bloggers, and later followed up by the newspapers.

And I have to give credit to the reporters at the Star for actually investigating on this issue, although it was first brought up by the blogs. None of the other newspaper websites (Bernama and NST) had any reports on this matter. Kudos.

2 Comments on “MP’s ask no questions, MSM finds out from blogs”

  1. wookie says:

    I say that they would truly be given the Kudos if they had their facts right. And actually giving attributions by linking them. Why do they stop at just saying “blogs”? They can do more than just that. That saying, regarding the issue, There are 29 MPs, out of the 222 MPs that were elected that did not managed to submit their questions. So, I don’t know, do all MPs have their questions answered anyway? Can anyone confirm that?

  2. su says:

    Yes, they probably could have linked it back to the original blog, or at least mention the name of the blog or something.
    About their questions, I don’t think all of the questions get answered really, and maybe not even all of the questions get asked. But I wouldn’t be able to answer for sure. Maybe this question could be posed to one of the politicians who have blogs?

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