Anwar: I will be better than Pak Lah

After Black 14, this is probably the first time that Anwar Ibrahim has finally said that “there is a possibility” for him to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia when Pakatan Rakyat forms the Federal Government. Before this, he was quoted to have said that he is “not in a hurry”, and that his wife, Wan Azizah could also be the Prime Minister, as she is currently the leader of Pakatan Rakyat.

Anwar: I’ll be a much better PM than Abdullah or Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR, April 23 — Opposition figure Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said for the first time he would likely become prime minister if his coalition takes power, and vowed to clean up Malaysia’s corruption and halt its colonial-era jailing of suspects without trial.

In an interview with The Associated Press today, Anwar said he was in no hurry to take control of government despite his Opposition alliance’s spectacular gains in elections in March.

But when he was asked whether he would take the job of prime minister if his People’s Alliance were to come to power, he said, “There is a likelihood.”

He said he would be a better prime minister than current leader Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his predecessor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“Well, I wouldn’t detain people without trial,” Anwar said, referring to a colonial-era law that allows for indefinite detention without charges. The law often was used by Mahathir, and Abdullah has exercised it a few times.

I will check corruption for sure,” Anwar said. “With the little experience I have (in the government), I believe I can do much better, but it is for people to judge. But first I have to be there to consider the question relevant.”

Anwar said when the Opposition comes to power it would provide a much better government than the BN.

“It is not very difficult to be a better government, to control corruption, to be more just, to improve the quality of education, public health, to stop the squandering of billions of dollars on your family members and cronies. That is quite easy,” he said

Full article here.


So Anwar does indeed have aspirations to become Malaysia’s next Prime Minister. Well, I’m all for controlling corruption, of being more just, of improving the quality of education and public health, and stopping the squandering of billions of dollars on family members and cronies. In other words, I’m all for a better government.

But in the same light, I’m not sure if the one who can bring us this better government is in the form of Anwar Ibrahim. As the facts are, he WAS part of this system, and for a very long time at that. Maybe it’s not helpful to indulge in the past, as he claims that he is a changed man. But he must acknowledge the fact that this was the system that groomed him, fed him and clothed him. And it’s not easy to listen to him go on about UMNO’s weaknesses and faults, without thinking, “what were you doing back then when you were still a member of UMNO?”

I’m being critical, I don’t believe in blindly supporting anyone without first knowing what they are fighting for. I like what Anwar is fighting for. I just don’t know how sincere he is.


On another note, there are two BBC HardTalk interviews with Anwar Ibrahim here and here. Courtesy of BigDog. Makes one wonder why Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has never appeared on HardTalk.


2 Comments on “Anwar: I will be better than Pak Lah”

  1. Ewoon,

    Someone posted a comment in my blog.

    In Aug 2006, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah had a special interview with Annuar Zaini, Bernama Chairman, aired by TV3.

    Annuar gave him questions ahead before interview (soalan bocor). Even rehearsed with him. Despite all that, he still failed during the taping of the interview in Seri Perdana!

    Can he survive Sackur????

    I think my eleven year old will do much better!

  2. su says:

    @Big Dog

    I’m afraid you’ve mistaken me for ewoon of I Am A Malaysian fame.=)
    I’m afraid I only found out about ewoon’s blog after I registered my blog here. Sorry bout the mix-up..

    But nonetheless, this piece of news is very surprising indeed!!
    (AAB probably can’t survive Sackur’s hardcore questioning..probably the reason why he’s never appeared on the show..)

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