Kah Choon quits Gerakan

AH! So this matter has come down to this. Yesterday, Lee Kah Choon was sent a “show-cause” letter by Gerakan on his appointment of the two posts in economic agencies in Penang by the Pakatan Rakyat government.

Show-cause letter for Lee

PENANG: Datuk Lee Kah Choon, the former Gerakan deputy secretary-general who was appointed to posts in two Penang state government agencies, will be served with a show-cause letter.

He will have to explain why disciplinary action should not be taken against him for accepting the posts of director in Penang Development Corporation and InvestPenang as well as executive chairman of InvestPenang.

“The party had directed party members to relinquish all appointments as municipal and district councillors as well as Village Security and Development Committee members in states now ruled by Pakatan Rakyat,” former chief minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said in a press statement yesterday.

Dr Koh also questioned Chief Minster Lim Guan Eng’s political motives in appointing Lee as he has no direct experience in promoting investment in the industrial sector.

“Lee has experience as a lawyer and was a parliamentary secretary of the Health Ministry, which is unrelated to the manufacturing industry,” Dr Koh said. “As the industrial sector is Penang’s most important economic sector, it is not proper for Lim to play politics in a way that may jeopardise Penang’s efforts and ability to effectively attract investment.”

Full article here.


Today, Kah Choon has decided that he will quit the party if they cannot accept his decision to take up the posts.

Kah Choon: I have quit Gerakan

PENANG: Former Gerakan deputy secretary-general Datuk Lee Kah Choon has quit the party to complete his “total withdrawal” from politics.

Lee said that because his decision to accept the state appointments as Penang Development Corporation (PDC) director and InvestPenang executive committee chairman was “unacceptable” to Gerakan, he had decided to quit the party.

“I believe it is best for me to retreat totally from party politics. This way, I hope we can put the matter to rest and move forward with the serious tasks at hand. I want to reiterate my stand that I will be focusing on serving society as a citizen.

Commenting on former chief minister and Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon’s statement that he had no direct experience in promoting investment in the industrial sector, Lee said Dr Koh’s view was “inaccurate”.

“My professional and service track record speaks for itself. If anything, the criticism will only drive me to achieve more for the state,” he said, adding that his decision to accept the non-political roles was to serve the socio-economic interest of Penang and was motivated by the fact that the state’s interest could not be compromised by any political consideration.

My objective – which is serving the people – is clear and it has remained consistent throughout my political career. Hence, I have decided to answer the government’s call for me to serve in both state agencies in this trying period,” he said in a statement.

Full article here.


What an ending to this issue. Kah Choon seems to have proven himself as a brave fellow, and ready to stick to what he believes is right. His move to quit Gerakan altogether shows that he is indeed dedicated to the well-being of the state and its people. Let’s now wait quietly and see what he will be able to do for the people of Penang.

To add another twist, now PKR and DAP are trying to rake this man into their ranks.

PKR and DAP woo Kah Choon

PENANG: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and the DAP have begun to woo former Gerakan deputy secretary-general Datuk Lee Kah Choon, who quit the party yesterday.

But PKR said Kah Choon should first be given a chance to settle down to his new roles as Penang Development Corporation (PDC) director and InvestPenang executive committee chairman.

“Kah Choon has said he wants to take a break from politics and focus on his new roles so let him do that for now,” Zahrain, who is also the Bayan Baru MP, said.

State DAP chairman and Tanjung MP Chow Kon Yeow said the party was willing to give Kah Choon “some space.”

“We don’t want to pressure him into joining the DAP because his appointments to the state agencies were 100% non-political,” he said, adding that no one knows what the future will bring.

Full article here.


I would actually prefer it if he doesn’t accept the offer of joining Pakatan Rakyat. He DID say that he quit Gerakan to “stay away from politics”. This would allow him to concentrate purely on serving the people. But, we never know what will happen. I guess we just sit tight and enjoy the ride.


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