Pakatan Rakyat: To jump or not to jump

This seems to be the main question in a lot of people’s minds right now. Will or will not the BN reps in Sabah and Sarawak defect? Do the majority of people agree to what Anwar is claiming that he WILL do in due time?

Anwar: We have the number, however, we’re in no rush to replace BN

KOTA KINABALU: The Opposition coalition of Pakatan Rakyat is in a position to form the federal government and it will be done no later than Malaysia Day which falls on Sept 16, claimed Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Repeating that they have the numbers and were in no rush to replace Barisan Nasional, the former deputy prime minister said yesterday that it would all be in the timing of the announcement.

“God willing, we will be there. If not next month, the following month, then if not June or July, (it will be) on Merdeka (Aug 31) or Malaysia Day. I think we should not go beyond that,” he told reporters on arrival in Sabah.

On Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman’s claim that all state leaders were loyal to Barisan, Anwar said: “He (Musa) must know that he does not have all the members he claims to hold now. If he wants to know, I can meet him privately and tell him.”

He said Sabah and Sarawak MPs were keeping the Barisan afloat but were saddened that they were not given due recognition by Umno, which was dictating terms from Kuala Lumpur.

Anwar said he was not making offers of any monetary kind or of personal positions for anyone crossing over as claimed by Barisan but was here to assure PKR’s commitment to Sabahans in addressing issues ranging from higher royalty to problems of illegal immigrants.

Full article here.


Ah, so Anwar has set an ultimatum. He’s set a final date for this leap-frogging to happen. The latest date will be Hari Malaysia this year.

But not everything is honky-dory. Before this, the government has already suggested that an “Anti-Party Hopping” act to be put in place. And at that time, although PKR was rather silent about it, DAP and PAS both voiced their support for the movement. And now, even PRM (Parti Rakyat Malaysia) has voiced their concern and disapproval of what Anwar intends to do.

Parti Rakyat membantah Pakatan Rakyat

Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) membantah usaha beberapa pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat yang sedang menggerakkan kempen lompat parti wakil-wakil BN seperti diuar-uarkan, khususnya oleh penasihat PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

PRM is against the efforts of a few leaders of Pakatan Rakyat who are moving towards a “party-hopping campaign” by the BN reps, especially by PKR Advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Sambil menyifatkan usaha sedemikian “tidak sah dan tidak beretika”, presiden PRM Hassan Abdul Karim menggesa keputusan pilihanraya umum lalu harus dihormati semua pihak.

In saying that this effort is “illegal and not ethical”, PRM President Hassan Abdul Karim is pushing for the results of the last general elections to be respected by all parties.

Hassan berkata partinya percaya kacau-bilau dan huru-hara boleh terjadi jika kerajaan BN yang sah sekarang pilihan rakyat melalui pilihanraya ditumbangkan dengan cara yang tidak demokratik akibat amalan politik berpaling tadah dan lompat-melompat.

Hassan said that his party believes that disturbance and riots could occur if the BN government that is legally the choice of the people in the general elections is brought down by methods that are not democratic resulting from political actions of betrayal and [party]-hopping.

“Rakyat Malaysia berhak mendapat sebuah kerajaan yang ditadbir oleh parti politik yang berprinsip yang benar-benar mendapat mandat…, bukannya sebuah kerajaan yang ditubuhkan secara pintas dan segera dengan melakukan tindakan seolah rampasan kuasa dari pintu belakang,” tambahnya dalam satu kenyataan.

“The people of Malaysia have the right to a government that is taken charge by political parties that have principles and have gotten real mandate…, not a government that is set up in a quick and instant way by carrying out actions that equate to “power-snatching” through the back door,” he added in a statement.

Blog entry found here, quoted from Malaysiakini. English translations by me, not formal.


So as we all can see, it’s not really all that smooth sailing. But even after DAP and PAS voiced their support for the anti-party hopping act, Anwar and PKR had no response. Either they decided that they don’t care, because the party-hoppers are all going to hop to PKR anyway, or they decided to turn a deaf ear.

I’m all for not hopping. Although Anwar is saying that the GE2008 was not carried out justly, and that they would have won have the BN not cheated, but the fact remains that the BN won. Who are we to know whether they really cheated? And how are we to know how much more the PR would have won if the BN didn’t cheat?

We can only make guesstimations. But guesstimations are just not good enough.

And we know, no matter how we slice it, that there are still many ardent supporters of BN. And many of them hate Anwar’s guts. So if Pakatan Rakyat really gets the BN reps to defect, and they really form the government before Malaysia Day this year, we could really see heated riots and the such.

I’m all for change, but let’s go about this in a gentleman’s way.


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