Altantuya’s case, outside of court

Susan’s been keeping all of us up-to-date with the happenings of Altantuya’s case, both in and out of court.

From her blog:

Contrary to what some detractors say, this trial is not only about a single woman, it is about international relations, performance of the court and judges, and the question of our basic human rights – right to free and fair trial. What becomes of us, if we were to undergo the same madness? Can we put our feet in Shariibuu’s shoes for a moment?

Altantuya died on our land. But it seems we are rather silent here on the NGO front. It is not that the Mongolian NGOs have not reached out? Like I said earlier, this is NOT about Altantuya alone. The personal is political. Whatever affects a woman, especially the nature and on-goings of this case, affects all of us.


I’m starting to get emotional, so I won’t dwell on this any longer than necessary. What I can say for now is, if this is the kind of reaction and “responsibility” that the government shows to a case of this nature, I am greatly disappointed. Greatly saddened.


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