Azalina not involved with how WSFFM spent their money

ACA: Azalina only acted as patron

PETALING JAYA: The Anti-Corruption Agency’s (ACA) investigations show that Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said only acted as the patron of the Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia, and was not involved in the expenditure matters of the foundation.

In a statement issued Friday, the agency stated that it started immediate investigations following several press reports, checked all related documents, and interviewed several staff of the foundation.

On the RM1.4mil expenditure, the auditor had translated “persembahan” (performances) as entertainment, whereby in the context meant the opening and closing ceremony of the National Women Sports,” the statement added.

An English daily had reported that the foundation, in its annual report, had stated that their expenditures included RM2.1mil for meals and accommodation, RM710,000 for printing and stationery, RM242,000 for volunteers’ allowances, RM1.4mil for entertainment and RM858,000 for travelling and transportation.

Original article here.


Well well, I didn’t know that the ACA was involved in finding out about whether there was any “mon(k)ey business” going on behind WSFFM closed doors that involved Azalina. So apparently she was investigated.

Is it safe to assume that since ACA found out that Azalina was only a patron and had nothing to do with how WSFFM spent their money, that there was not mon(k)ey business going on? If that’s so, then WSFFM had better review how they spend the money.

Just to refresh some minds on this issue, read here and here.


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