Return the cash, Balkis told

Return cash, Khir’s wife told

SHAH ALAM: Give back the RM9.9mil, withdraw the application to dissolve the Wives of Selangor Assemblymen and MPs Welfare and Charity Organisation (Balkis) and the matter is settled.

This is Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s offer to Datin Seri Zahrah Kechik who was the organisation’s head when she and the other members decided to transfer the RM9.9mil from its coffers after Barisan Nasional lost the state during the March general election.

The group also decided to dissolve the organisation.

Khalid said his offer was the best solution to resolve the controversy.

“If not, the state will pursue the matter because the people want us to be correct. If there has been misconduct, then justice will take its course,” he told reporters yesterday.

In an immediate response yesterday, Zahrah said the current state government should contact Bakti since the RM9.9mil was in its hands. As for revoking the dissolution of Balkis, she said the state government could pursue the matter with the Registrar of Societies (ROS).

“Every step of the way, from holding the emergency meeting on March 11 to transferring the money to Bakti as a donation, we sought the advice of our lawyers because we wanted to be legally correct in what we did,” said Zahrah.

Dr Khir said Zahrah and Balkis were open to any investigation by the Anti-Corruption Agency, the ROS or any other party because “they have nothing to hide”.

It is not as if Zahrah planned the whole thing. On March 11, when she held the emergency meeting, it was the members who called for Balkis to be dissolved.

“It was also the members who unanimously decided for the RM9.9mil to be donated to Bakti,” he said.

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I previously wrote about this here and here.

So according th Khir Toyo, it’s not JUST his wife’s fault, it’s all the members of Balkis as well. Worth some pondering into. Given now that Tan Sri Khalid has decided to give them a chance to let this issue slide, I wonder if they will take up his offer. Khalid is now basically saying that as long as Balkis remains Balkis, and the money remains as Balkis’ money, then Khir Toyo and his wife and all the other wives will be off the hook, and they won’t be looking at legal documents any time soon.

It’s a good deal, and it saves everyone the trouble, time and money, to go through legal procedures. Besides, nothing serious has been done. The money is still there, just not where it’s supposed to be. And Balkis is still there, just not formally functioning yet.

If Khir’s wife sticks to her guns about all her actions being legal, and having nothing to hide, she would probably say that she wouldn’t mind the legal procedures. But if he’s really for the welfare of the people of Selangor, she’d do better to just let it go. But if she does, then tongues will wag, spreading “whispers” that everything wasn’t legal after all. Which might or might not be true.

Let’s wait and see what Khir’s wife would do next.


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