Hishammuddin urged to quit over keris issue

MUAR: Many Umno branch and divisional leaders here want Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein to resign over the keris issue which they said had adversely affected Barisan Nasional in the recent general election.

Datuk Kadar Shah Tun Sulaiman Ninam Shah said about 90 branch and 25 divisional leaders made the call Sunday after Hishammuddin had admitted the keris issue was among the causes of Barisan’s poor performance in the March 8 polls.

To admit the mistake was not good enough, he said, if the Youth chief did not take responsibility and resign from all party and government posts.

Kadar Shah said that having a Cabinet minister for several terms, Hishammuddin should be mature enough to know what a leader should do, and should have known that brandishing the keris could hurt the feelings of other races.

He said branch and division committee members, including former Sungai Balang assemblyman Zakariah Mahadi, wanted Hishammuddin to gracefully resign from all party and government posts.

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I can’t believe it! After all that ado of UMNO asking Pak Lah to step down, and nothing happening, they’re now turning their attention to Hishammuddin!

Sure, I don’t really like him. And he is responsible in a way for BN’s loss in the last general elections. And on top of that, I don’t think he was making a very good Education Minister at all. But shouldn’t they be concentrating on something else already? Why are they pushing for people to quit, or resign or step down? Do they have nothing better to do?

The Parliament meets today. Let’s just wait and see how it goes first. By asking everyone to resign from their posts, nothing is ever going to get done.

These UMNO people should just get over themselves.

Yes, I think Hishammuddin should quit too. But why now? Why after he has openly apologised? Why not before this? Is it only after he has apologised that the UMNO people know that what he did was wrong? Were they just being ignorant before this about the effects of his keris-wielding on the people of Malaysia?

It’s not even about the keris anymore. Look at the bigger picture. It’s about who’s a more suitable person to serve the people.


One Comment on “Hishammuddin urged to quit over keris issue”

  1. marina says:

    yeah , I think it is wise for him and his deputy to resign. for the post as the education minister, I don’t think so.

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