Blogging live from within the Parliament

Pakatan Rakyat MPs, Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua, who also happen to be fellow bloggers have put up some blog entries that come LIVE from within the Parliament itself.

The Star decided that this is NEWS to everyone, and this is what Wong Chun Wai of the Star wrote:

MP bloggers Ooi and Pua find time to let their entries flow

KUALA LUMPUR: Bloggers MPs Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua are so committed to blogging that they did not forget to put in entries while they were seated in the Dewan Rakyat.

Ooi, the Jelutong MP, said he put in two entries in his blog while he was in Parliament in the morning.

“I did it because there was a long list of MPs waiting to be sworn in and I had ample time to do it,” he said when met outside the Dewan.

He said that this was the information age, adding: “One cannot stop information. It is flowing every second.”

“I think I can still find time to blog during the morning’s Question Time.”

Ooi said his readers had complained that he did not write as often as before, calling him a “seasonal” blogger instead of a seasoned one.

He pointed out that while there were rules against MPs reading the newspapers and irrelevant books in the Dewan, they were silent about surfing the Internet.

“Ministers can say something and I can go into Google right away to see if it is factual. So, this is very useful for us,” he said.

Ooi and Pua sit next to each other in the Dewan.

Pua said he initially wanted to test the facilities in the Dewan and found them satisfactory.

“The speed is okay but the chairs are not made for computer users.

“We have to sit nearer our computers because of the way the chairs and tables are built and this is quite uncomfortable.”

Pua said he blogged in the Dewan as he wanted to put his time to productive use while waiting for his turn to be sworn in.

Original article here.


This article, to me, started off with bad taste. What exactly does the phrase “are so committed to blogging that they did not forget to put in entries while they were seated in the Dewan Rakyat” mean? Trying to hit beneath the belt, if you asked me.

Go visit their blogs, they’re on my list of Politician links. Should make for some quite interesting reads. Let’s hope they keep it up.


Found this on Jeff Ooi’s blog, when he was blogging live from Parliament. It’s a motion tabled by Lim Kit Siang, and hopefully, the debate that is requested for tomorrow, will be allowed. Let’s see the fireworks.

I’m “borrowing” some snippets of the motion, go to Jeff’s blog here to see the entire thing.

Per: Notis Peraturan Mesyuarat 18 – Hindraf 5 dan lain-lain tahanan ISA

Ini adalah untuk memberikan notis di bawah Peraturan Mesyuarat 18(2) untuk mengusulkan perkara tertentu berkenaan kepentingan orang ramai yang berkehendaki disegerakan pada hari Rabu, 30 April 2008, seperti berikut:

“Bahawa Dewan ini mengesa pentadbiran YAB Perdana Menteri menghormati dan mematuhi kehendak rakyat yang digambarkan dalam tsunami politik 8hb Mac tahun ini yang mahu melihat satu masyarakat Malaysia yang lebih demokratik, akauntabel dan maju dan membebaskan lima pemimpin Hindraf (Hindraf 5) – M Manoharan iaitu ADUN DAP kawasan Kota Alam Shah, P. Uthayakumar, V. Ganabatirau, R. Kenghadharan dan T. Vasantha Kumar – yang berada di bawah tahanan ISA sejak Disember 2007 serta lebih dari 60 tahanan ISA lain, ada antaranya yang telah berada dalam tahanan ISA lebih dari enam tahun.

“Penahanan Hindraf 5 Disember lepas yang berdasarkan dakwaan bahawa mereka adalah ‘pengganas’ telah dibuktikan langsung tidak berasas. Pemimpin MIC, Datuk Seri Samy Velu sendiri telah mengakui fakta in semasa diwawancara oleh media negara India dalam bulan Januari tahun ini.

“Sama juga dengan penahanan ISA yang lain, yang sekiranya didapati memang mengancam keselamatan negara, sepatutnya dibicarakan di mahmakah terbuka dan bukannya menafikan kebebasan para tahanan dan membiarkan mereka menderita di bawah ISA.


It’s about time the ISA go. Or at the very least, be moderated so that everyone is fair game. I’ll be waiting for some live updates from Jeff’s blog, hopefully.

Whoever who is reading this, today and tomorrow are the last days to sign this online petition to abolish the ISA. It’s going to get sent to the UN Human Rights Commission, so it’s NOT of no use. At the very least, we would be gaining some attention on this issue from overseas. If we know something is not right, we must do what we can to try and make it right again. We don’t always have to be big people to do big things. W CAN make a change, as long as we want to.


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