Dr M: BN’s time is running out

Dr Mahathir has finally said it. This is what he wrote in a letter to Malaysiakini:

The recent decision of a senior Gerakan leader to take a job under the DAP government of Penang should not be taken lightly by the Barisan Nasional if it wishes to survive and regain support of its members and supporters.

The Gerakan leader may be motivated by a genuine desire to work for the good of Penang and Malaysia. But it may also be because loyalty to BN is now based on personal gains or fear of punishment of some kind.

This is especially so among the leaders. There is no genuine love for the objectives said to be the raison d’etre for the party’s existence. They are all fighting to get a piece of the cake that the party would be able to distribute when it wins elections. They could become ministers or menteri besars or deputy ministers or speakers. They could get contracts or licenses, APs (approved permits), etc.

When the party loses these will not be forthcoming. The reason for supporting the party would disappear.

The rank-and-file on the other hand stands to gain nothing, win or lose. The party is not any longer for the general good of the country but only for lining the pockets of the leaders. So why should the ordinary members help the leaders to line their pockets.

The party can keep on making promises but the members know that these promises are empty.

Supposing the opposition are smart enough to provide good government, to look after the interests of the ordinary people, to lead a spartan life like not flying in chartered planes when going to Kuala Lumpur or taking excos and divisional heads on jaunts to foreign countries, then those people who voted for the opposition out of anger against the BN in 2008, would transfer their loyalty permanently to the opposition.

When that happens BN, Umno and other component parties can forget about recapturing the states lost to the opposition. Their turncoat members (saboteurs as they are classified by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) will remain turncoats and will actively work against the BN at the next election. To lose once is bad but to lose a second time in Malaysian election is an unmitigated disaster.

The window of opportunity will close pretty soon. Unless drastic actions are taken now, there would be no time to rehabilitate BN and Umno, and indeed all the other BN component parties, for the next election. When this happens and BN is totally defeated, the leaders who mismanaged the BN will go down in history as betrayers of the parties which had so successfully defeated the Malayan Union, gained independence for the country and developed it to what it is today.

The leaders still have a choice. Continue supporting a person under whom the BN and its component parties were defeated or stop being self-serving and return to the true national struggle. You may gain something for yourself personally today but your children and grand children will pay a terrible price.

The choice is yours.
Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Found this on Malaysian Gate.


Dr Mahathir is most definitely not letting Pak Lah off the hook here. He’s still saying that unless Pak Lah steps down, resigns, or is replaced, then Barisan Nasional, along with UMNO, is doomed for failure.

I don’t know how true that is, seeing that there doesn’t seem to be many “leaders” within the BN fold that are even remotely close to being capable enough to be PM of Malaysia. Pak Lah MAY be the only one who’s more or less…… Well, he’s not really a good leader, but I guess if I were to have my choice from UMNO, then Pak Lah seems to be one of the few I would choose.

But Dr M hit the nail on the head when he said that Pakatan Rakyat may just secure permanent loyalty from the people if they perform well in the 5 states that they are running now. And it would make it even more difficult for BN to make itself relevant. If PR do well, we might see the other states turning their support their way too. And the Federal Government, well, that would come with everything.

But I guess it’s something to ponder about. Why do the BN need the 2/3 majority anyway? They only want it so as to make changing the Constitution easier. But do they NEED to change the Constitution?

At the end of the day, BN has formed the government. That’s that. Whether or not Pakatan Rakyat becomes the Federal Government in the next few months remains to be seen. But as long as BN is the government, they have to do what they’re supposed to do. They don’t need a 2/3 majority to do it. And besides, if what they propose is for the good of the people, then I see no reason why PR would oppose. So why 2/3?


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