Mr Shariibuu meets with big-time bloggers

Susan has it here that Altantuya’s dad, Mr Shariibuu met with a few big personalities of the Malaysian blogosphere. Of course, that would include the infamous Raja Petra.

Altantuya’s dad, Stev Shariibuu must count himself lucky to have met Malaysian most famous blogger, Raja Petra Kamaruddin in Bangsar recently. He met other well-known personalities, too.

RPK told Shariibuu is planning to launch a T-Shirt campaign for Justice for Altantuya on May 1st. He showed Shariibuu the sample of the T-shirt on his computer and the man was quite pleased with it.

Go here to see more. Susan has put in some photos too.

The people of Malaysia in general want to see justice prevail. And we want to see it in double-quick time. Let not feet-dragging politicians pull the judiciary down. Let not irresponsible law-makers take law in their own hands. Something must be done.

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