Ong Ka Ting takes on sensitive issues, one after another

KUALA LUMPUR, April 30 — Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting threw off the shackles today and trampled on all the sensitive topics that he and the MCA have studiously avoided over the years. If this is the approach that MCA politicians will take from now on, they could end up stealing the thunder from the Opposition and also put them on the path of confrontation with Umno and the powerful religious authorities.

Delivering the motion of thanks on the royal address, the MCA president said that non-Muslims should not be subjected to any form of syariah laws. Also non-Muslims who convert to Islam after marriage should be allowed to renounce the religion after the marriage has ended.

This is the first time that the usually politically correct Ong has spoken about conversions. “Similarly, if a child was unilaterally converted to Islam by one parent without the consent of the other parent, the child should be allowed to maintain his or her original religion until he or she attains a majority age where the child can decide on the religion of his or her choice,” he said.

Some MPs tried to interject but Ong made clear that he would not give up the floor. Religious issues and the fear that non-Muslims were increasingly being subjected to Syariah laws has been a thorny issue among Hindus, Christians and Buddhists.

Ong also surprised many in the House when he urged the government to set up the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC).

Last year, the government opted for a watered down version of the IPCMC – Special Complaints Commission, (SCC). After much objection, the government withdrew the Bill and said that it would reconsider the idea of the IPCMC.

On the judiciary, he urged the soon-to-be-set up judicial commission be allowed to select magistrates and session courts judges. Currently, magistrates and session courts judges are appointed by the judicial and legal services commission.

On corruption, he suggested that all government departments and agencies must process approvals within certain deadlines.

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My, Ong Ka Ting sure has been busy. And he’s being a lot more vocal now too, compared to a time when he was a Cabinet member. What happened, I wonder? What made this change in attitude? Where did all his PC (political correctness) go?

It’s good that he looks like he’s finally coming to his senses. And it’s probably due to his heightened senses too, that he’s taking such a strong stand. I’m sure he’s not ignorant of the fact that MCA is fast losing whatever leftover supporters they have. And I’m also sure he knows that there are people in MCA who want him gone. Perhaps this is the reason why he has gone from “mild and quiet” to “fiery and strong”.

People can say what they like, but for me, as long as someone is doing something right, then they deserve the credit. And I say that he’s doing the right thing by addressing these problems. I hope the Parliament doesn’t brush these issues off too quickly, as issues coming from an old man who’s fast losing support.


5 Comments on “Ong Ka Ting takes on sensitive issues, one after another”

  1. tan888 says:

    When we talk about somebody at a helm of the present and future Malaysian Chinese we expect him to build up a strong moral foundation in relationship to all other races.We should not waste time talking about his personal moralities and political shortcomings at all.
    After the Second World War,the Chinese economy was in shambles and rampant corruption was quickly killing every strata of society.Three great leaders put China back on its feet again and reduced corruption to a low managable level.They were Dr.Sun Yat Sen,Chiang Kai Shek and Mao Zedong.These three and succesive leaders made a lot of political blunders and many innocent lives were lost.
    But the important thing is that they collectively made China a super world power today.
    But if you talk about their personal morality and personal lives all three of them left their first wives for a more beautiful,younger,richer and capable woman.
    Personal morality is not of paramount importance if we want to choose a good leader.In China at that time there were many senior Shaolin monks who have impeccable morality.But I don’t think anybody young or old would wants them to rule China.

  2. tan888 says:

    I hope T Kok would take my advice.If you keep on talking loudly about yesterday you would waste today and miss tomorrow.All is fair in politics,love and war.One of the prices to pay of being a VIP politician is the risk of being thrown in jail anytime.
    Most of 20th centuary third world countries leaders starts their rise to ultimate political powers from jails.
    In Malaysia Dr M spents time in jail too.In his 22 years as PM he did’t at one time lambast out at his tormentors.As far as I know many of them became his friends for life.That is the quality of a great leader.
    T Kok you are my Christian sister…Love your enemies.. and offer the other cheek if necessary.

  3. tan888 says:

    I had a slum living poor drunkard father and a weak mother who lost her voice completely due to stroke.
    I have to bring up three sisters.Being a self procliamed flower generation wise guy I always choose peace over war and sing ” Let it Be ” as ” A bridge over troubled waters” at all times.
    This is what I told my three sisters.
    1)If you choose a boy friend make sure that he is rich and romantic,the rest just let it be.
    2)If you choose a husband make sure that he is responsible to you and your children,the rest just let it be.
    3)If you choose a MCA political leader make sure that he can deliver the best to you,your children and their children,the rest just let it be.

    My three sisters going to make the right choice for the new MCA leaders.

  4. Bow says:

    Malaysian electorates are getting more savvy nowadays, they prefer a state man or woman in the parliament fighting for their cause instead of a lapdog politician trading their rights in the cabinet. It is a sign of maturity of our democracy.

  5. tan888 says:

    In the 1960s the cheapest way for budget travellers to fly from Kuala Lumpur to London is by russian aeroflot airways.There will be four stops along the way in foreign airports in which four fresh sets of flight crews would take over flying the plane.In those days computer technology was not installed in the flight control panels yet.The whole big and heavy plane was flown with sheer force and power of
    body,mind,heart and soul.Thus all of us would anxiously looked at the faces and bodies of the fresh replacement pilots as they walked into the cockpit.Most of the time they have sterling steel faces and bodies built up over thousands of flying hours.We were relieved as our lives were in their strong hands.
    OKT has a history of immpeccable leadership even though he was a financially poor student in UM in 1977.He had many thousands of ” fight and triumph hours “for the last 30 over years.
    I followed him in his various projects.A slum boy like me who grew up among Sibu criminals is no fool.

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