Penang’s mega projects still on

This is just to follow up on this issue which I previously wrote about here. It seems that most of the complications and misunderstandings have been cleared, for now anyway.

Penang mega projects: Guan Eng gets positive federal response

PENANG, April 30 ā€” Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said he received positive response from Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop yesterday on the status of the mega projects for the state, including the monorail.

He said he had met Nor Mohamed in the minister’s office at parliament house this morning over the matter and received a positive response from him.

However, he declined to elaborate when asked by reporters on his arrival at the Bayan Lepas International Airport this evening after attending the parliament sitting in Kuala Lumpur.

Last Saturday, Nor Mohamed was reported to have said that the federal government would not go ahead with the Penang monorail project if it did not receive the state government’s cooperation.

He said the project needed the approval and cooperation of the state government before it could be implemented as it involved land acquisition.

The RM1.2 Penang monorail project is among the mega projects under the 9th Malaysia Plan. It involves the building of a 51.2km track to complement Penang’s transportation network. ā€” Bernama

Original article here.


Hmm… A positive response? Well, I guess that better than the kind of response Penang was getting from the Federal Government before this. That was kind of unsettling. But now, since both sides have nothing much to add to the issue other than “positive response”, then we’ll just leave it at that.

Let’s just hope that the projects don’t get delayed until God knows when, and by the time they get down to doing it, it’s already too expensive to carry on. But then, we expect more wisdom in the men that we’ve voted into office. Don’t we?


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