All politicians should read this….

…especially Information Minister Shabery Cheek, and Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar. If they all only knew of what reputation we have overseas… I’m almost tempted to crawl under my bed and hide, for the shame…

I came to know about this particular article from Malaysia Today.

Newspaper raid ‘like in Malaysia’

MAJOR media organisations yesterday unanimously condemned a government-instigated raid on The Sunday Times newspaper in Perth and leading media academics likened it to oppressive tactics used in Malaysia.

The newspaper was locked down for about four hours on Wednesday as 16 police from the Major Fraud Squad tried to find a confidential document allegedly leaked to journalist Paul Lampathakis for a story about election funding. The complaint to police, and to the Corruption and Crime Commission, came from the department of Premier Alan Carpenter, a former journalist.

“Do we now live in a country where whistleblowers and journalists can expect to be hunted down and charged if they reveal government information that is a matter of legitimate public interest?” Mr Hartigan said. “The answer, regrettably, appears to be yes.”

A former editor of Malaysia’s Daily Express, journalism lecturer Joseph Fernandez, said it was a disturbing development.

“I come from an environment where this sort of treatment of the media is par for the course,” Mr Fernandez said. “The tragedy in this is that whatever the impact is on free speech, it is largely unidentifiable.”

Full article can be found both from Malaysia Today, and from The Australian original website.


If any politician in the country can say that they are proud of the media, and can claim that we practice press freedom in Malaysia, then they have something coming.

This article shows everything. Why in the world would an Australian newspaper write something like this to “defame” Malaysia, if they had not sincerely believed that this is the kind of control we practice over what gets published, and what gets scrapped?

This is what other countries think about the Malaysian government, and how Malaysian press have no freedom. As what someone commented on Malaysia Today, we have freedom of expression in Malaysia. It’s basic human right, after all. It’s just that we don’t have freedom AFTER expression. Cynical, but true.

They think that Judiciary and Corruption are the only problems in Malaysia? They think that these are the only things that other countries associate with Malaysia? Looks like they’re in for a rough ride.

Someone ought to give these Ministers a heads up on this one. No matter what I think of them, they are still the people in charge of both the Information and Home Ministries. This is their field, and they have to do something about it. We’re talking about Malaysia’s image here.

Simply by giving PKR their licence to publish their paper, and by letting Makkal Osai publish and distribute their papers again is not even in the slightest bit enough. Major “reforms” are going to be needed, since the government is so keen on “reforms” nowadays. Find ways to “free” the press, “free” the media. It is going to be much needed.


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