Altantuya’s case; another perspective

Perhaps we have all been too caught up with the criminal act against Altantuya, so caught up that we have forgotten about the other people who are also involved in this case, if not directly, then indirectly. We forget, that Razak Baginda has himself a family. He has a wife, he has children. And they have feelings.

As they say, innocent until proven guilty, although I don’t know to what extent the courts in Malaysia carry this out without any prejudice whatsoever. And with the trial dragging on for so long, it’s not only Altantuya’s family members who are suffering. There are others as well.

Susan has here in her blog, another viewpoint of the Altantuya case. She has also posted what Rowena Razak, daughter of Razak Baginda, had to say on this case.

All I can say is that Rowena and her family have kept their heads high throughout this whole ordeal, something which not many can do. And they have been very silent about their support for this man they believe to be innocent.

Let us not make preordained assumptions.

I personally think that this murder trial has gone on for too long. And the courts are making no attempts to quicken it up. We need to push for this to happen. For the trial to happen. But not just any trial. Not just any normal trial that goes on for days at end. We need to push for a fair and just trial. For a trial where justice will prevail.


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