Bunga Tanjung showing its thorns

Seems like Bunga Tanjung is a lot more gutsy compared to Balkis. Or so I think. Bunga Tanjung’s ex-president, wife of Dr Koh Tsu Koon is now asking for a public debate with the likes of Jeff Ooi and Lim Guan Eng on the matter of the dissolvement of Bunga Tanjung, and about the money. Well, it’s always about the money.

Tsu Koon’s wife seeks open public debate with Lim and Ooi

PENANG: Former members of the dissolved Persatuan Bunga Tanjung (PBT) have challenged Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his chief of staff Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi for an open public debate on the handling of the association’s funds.

Former PBT president Puan Sri Chui Kah Peng has given the DAP politicians a 48-hour ultimatum to respond to the invitation.

“We have sought a public debate on the handling of the association’s funds and the manner in which the body was dissolved as baseless allegations were made against us by the two,” said Chui during a press conference in Autocity Juru.

“We feel strongly that any further statements in the media will not be satisfactory. They are openly questioning our integrity and dignity in handling PBT’s funds and affairs, so we are prepared to defend ourselves publicly.

“PBT is a non-governmental organisation registered with the Registrar of Societies (ROS). We are not ‘desperate housewives’ as Jeff Ooi had alleged and we take that statement as a real insult.”

Full article here.


They certainly seem to have more gutso compared to Balkis, and some even say that they’re more fiery than their husbands too!

I feel that taking this matter to a public debate seems like too much. Like I said before, if all the money has really been donated to the different organisations, then it’s fine then, because it means that the money is all going to a worthy cause. If there is no proof that any hanky-panky was involved, then surely they’re innocent until proven guilty? We cannot condemn them to being involved in mon(k)ey business only because they’re the wives of the members of BN government.

Balkis, on the other hand, is a slightly different story. After the external auditors came up front about Balkis not having their accounts audited before they decided to dissolve the  organisation, it seems that both Khir Toyo and his wife have suddenly lost their voices. Elizabeth Wong writes that she was informed by reporters that they (Khir Toyo and wife) declined giving further comments.

If they had the guts to give so many statements and comments about this in the first place, then why the sudden change in tone? And what is to happen to the RM9.9 million? That’s a lot of money compared to what Bunga Tanjung had left to donate. And even then, Bunga Tanjung is wanting to debate about all the allegations against them.

If everything Balkis did was legal, as Zaharah Kechik put it, then why the hush-hush now? They’ve got a lot to learn from Bunga Tanjung up north in this department.


One Comment on “Bunga Tanjung showing its thorns”

  1. snowbite8281 says:

    Donations are noble act to HELP the POOR SICK or UNFORTUNATE people or organization! C’mon … DONATE RM350K to Bakti!

    The people who move around dripping in precious stones, expensive perfumes fancy cars and drivers to the boot!

    Its Donation money okay! May God forgive you.

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