The show will go on

Looks like we’re still set on for another session of Parliamentary theatrics. Not a bad thing, really. At the very least, we get to know who are the ones that really take their jobs seriously. Because that’s what they’re supposed to be doing.

Parliament telecast to continue

KUALA LUMPUR: The half-hour live telecast of proceedings in the Dewan Rakyat will continue.

Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said the Cabinet had decided to go on with the telecast, but might decide to stop the broadcast at any time.

He said although the Cabinet was disappointed with the episode, it felt that it was too early to decide to stop the live telecast based on one incident.

On a question that the cancellation of the live telecast would cause wastage of the RM1mil of equipment invested in the Dewan Rakyat, Shabery said it would be costlier if the image of the country went down the drain.

Full article here.


So this is good news. We get to see more of what our Members of Parliament are doing in the House. And although it’s “entertaining” in a way, to watch these MPs call each other monkeys and big foots, it’s not really all that comforting to know that that is what they spent the first 30 minutes of question time doing. Not a good use of time.

So now, the show will go on. And we’re all hoping for a better show to come.


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