No public debate with Bunga Tanjung

Lim Guan Eng has refused to take up the challenge presented to him and Jeff Ooi by Bunga Tanjung on the issue of their dissolvement and the money. I wrote about this previously here.

Guan Eng turns down PBT debate

PENANG (May 02, 2008): Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has turned down the challenge for an open public debate on the contentious issues surrounding the Pertubuhan Bunga Tanjung (PBT), saying that the matter demands legal and technical understanding.

He however welcomed members of the PBT, the organisation for wives of BN elected representatives in Penang, who had invited him to publicly debate the matter, to meet him for discussion.

Lim reiterated that he wants Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, as adviser of the organisation and husband of PBT head Puan Sri Chui Kah Peng, to explain how they could decide on dissolving the body at its AGM on March 9.

He reasoned that the members’ husbands had then become part of the opposition following the general election the day before, and asked if the wives were still eligible to be PBT members then.

He pointed to Clause 5.1 of the PBT’s constitution which states that the ordinary membership of the group includes wives of state assemblymen and members of Parliament in Penang, except those from opposition parties.

“On March 9, the members were no longer wives of assemblymen and MPs in governing parties. They were in fact wives of elected representatives in the opposition.

“I don’t want to pressurise anyone. We want this to be resolved amicably, and certain steps to be taken if there is anything wrong.”

Regarding the contents in Ooi’s blog that PBT members had objected to, Lim said he would leave it to Ooi to clarify. Ooi is out of the country and is expected back on Monday.

Full article here.


So we didn’t really have to wait for 48 hours for a response from them. This is called effective. At the very least, they weren’t hiding. And I’d say that it’s a good move to not take them up on the debate. if anything, public debates should be on more pressing issues that involve the whole of Penang, if not the whole nation.

Let’s hope that Bunga Tanjubg does take up this offer of having a private discussion over things. And let’s hope that Guan Eng comes clear to us about what the verdict of discussion comes to.

**Note: Balkis and Selangor are really taking a totally different route. Read here. I guess it shows how much different the administration of Bunga Tanjung and Balkis were.


One Comment on “No public debate with Bunga Tanjung”

  1. simon wee says:

    I think the issue has to be put in the right perspective. If it is a legal issue, all Lim Guan Eng has to say to former PBT President is “go and debate with the Judge”. On the other hand if it is a non-legal but contentious issue, then by all means debate until the cows come home.

    Lim Eng Guan, if he is adverse to public debate, then he should at least satisfy Puan Sri Chui Kah Peng’s desire to “defend ourselves” but in a court of law.

    On another matter, the combative stance displayed by Puan Sri Chui could indicate she having a henpecked spouse.

    Simon Wee

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