Raja Petra nabbed and released

Raja Petra Kamarudin, or more known as RPK, author of Malaysia Today, was nabbed yestserday by the police. They proceeded to confiscate his computer and laptop, and smacked him with an order to go to Bukit Aman on Saturday 11 am. But after a while, they changed the date and time, and decided that he was to go to the station at 4pm yesterday.

All this hoo-hah is over an article RPK wrote on Malaysia Today titled Let’s send the Altantuya’s murderers to hell. Guess it was slightly too controversial for the “people involved” to take it. Any guesses who it was who reported on him?

Rocky’s Bru is very much updated on the happenings of this case.

RPK is quoted to have said:

“For two hours they tried to make me make a statement. I refused. They threatened to charge me for refusing to make a statement. I told them, go ahead and arrest me or release me right now. And i told them that if they let me walk, I don’t want to see their faces again.”

Zorro also has his own take on what happened.

This was courtesy of Zorro and Tony Yew.


The sudden change in date and time was telling. They just didn’t want the media and supporters to swamp the entire place. So they actually knew that even by confiscating RPK’s computer and laptop, they could not stop him from spreading the news, and that people would know about it. But I guess the never thought that even the sudden change in time and date would be so far-spread as well.

The fact that they had to let him go in the end was also telling. It means that they didn’t have the proof or facts or backing enough to arrest him, under the Sedition Act, or Multimedia Act.

And all this happening in conjunction with World Press Day too. What a laugh.


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