Home Ministry says ‘no’ to proposal

But I thought they were in it too. Now Syed Hamid Albar, Home Minister is saying that his Ministry cannot impose this as a law, as it infringes upon basic human rights.

To think, I just wrote about it here, and then I see this in Kak Ton’s blog.

Home Affairs Minister Datuk Syed Hamid Albar saiud his Ministry cannot impose conditions on Malaysians going overseas, especially the requirement for women travelling alone to get a consent letter from their family before leaving the country.

“To me if you are an adult, even within the country it is difficult to ask them to inform their family where they are going. So if you are an adult, you have to act on your own.

“This is a matter of grave concern to us as Malaysian women are being used by syndicates as drug couriers. We have suggested for more warnings to be given.

“There should be more exposure in the media to warn them of the dangers of being lured to such activities with very good offers or good money.

“It is more of education. We need to educate so that they are not taken in by such promises. So far as we are concerned, a person who wants to travel makes his or her own decision to travel and how they are going to do it is up to them.

In so far as travelling was concerned, we can’t impose any regulations. I think Dr Rais was just throwing ideas.

Go to Kak Ton’s blog here to read more of this.


I re-read the articles available on this issue, and all of them stated that the Foreign Ministry came to this conclusion after discussions with the Home Ministry. So why is the Home Minister saying this now? Did he know nothing of this before Dr Rais came out in the open with this ridiculous proposal?

I wonder if the Foreign Ministry and Dr Rais Yatim were only made sacrificial lambs in this whole issue. To come out into the open with the proposal and see what reaction they get from the public. And if they don’t respond well, then in comes the Home Ministry to save the day, and the rights of Malaysian women.

Pretty good plot.

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