Rais: It’s women AGED 21 AND BELOW who need permission

Okay. Now I’m getting slightly pissed off. What’s with this man anyway?

Rais: Proposal meant for those under 21

JAKARTA: Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim clarified here yesterday that his proposal for Malaysian women to show a consent letter from their family or employer before travelling out of the country alone was only meant for those below 21 years of age.

“There’s some misunderstanding. I was referring to boys and girls who travel on their own, especially those below 21 and who are still subject to the supervision of their parents. Women above 21 years old are adult enough.

“But for those below 21, it’s only fair that parental guidance be given,” he told reporters at a press conference here at the end of his working visit to Indonesia yesterday.

Rais said the consent need not necessarily be in the form of papers or letters of declaration, as that would be a big hindrance.

“What I meant was those below 21 should be guided; parents should ask why they want to go to Venezuela or Spain.

Parents should know where their children are going,” he said.

Rais said he was only concerned over the safety of those who travelled alone overseas, especially children.

“But if this is regarded by human rightists to be against human rights, wait until their own children get into trouble,” he said.

Full article here.
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This is ridiculous. Not only was the damned proposal ridiculous to start off with, now even his roundabout turn is ridiculous.

Misunderstanding? Misunderstanding my foot! Who in the world would misunderstand it when he says that “..factors like family, religion, immigration laws and preventive measures need to be considered before a Malaysian woman goes abroad alone”. And I’m quoting exactly what it says in the newspapers. Read here.

So now he’s trying to tell all of us that boys and girls under the age of 21 also count as Malaysian women? That’s the saddest case of “misunderstanding”. Dr Rais must not be understanding what he’s saying himself. Since when did girls under the age of 21 come under the category of “woman”? And even more so, since when did boys of ANY AGE come under “woman”?

If anyone is misunderstanding anything, it’s himself.

Besides, these children under 21 years are legally still subject to the supervision of their parents, as he says so himself. So if they’re still under parental care, then of course the parents would want to know where they are flying and all that. Heck, even my DAD, who’s 51 years old tells HIS parents where he’s flying off to. My dad is NOT a woman, and he’s NOT under 21 years.

And I still don’t see any ounce of reasoning. How in the world would this help curb drug smuggling? So what if my parents know where I’m going? How’s that going to stop me from smuggling drugs?

This is beyond me.

Misunderstanding? I don’t think there’s ANYTHING to understand from this. So how am I to misunderstand?


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