RPK turning on the heat

I have to say, Raja Petra has a whole lot of real supporters. Supporters that do what they say they will do, “RPK, we’re behind you.” And behind him they were, when a total of about RM25,000 was raised within half a day to bail the man out of jail.

He had refused to post bail when the announcement was made for his trial to begin in October, and his wife said that whatever money used for the bail (RM5,000) would be collected by concerned Netizens.

I have to say that RPK has made quite a statement by doing this. And he’s proven to the government that he has strong support from the people. Not everyone can influence so many people. And the amount of money donated to wanting to see this man free is more than enough to send slivers of fear down the government’s spine. Go to Malaysia-Today to see the official numbers.


RPK the martyr keeps the spotlight on Altantuya’s case

MAY 6 — IF Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s aim was to raise the political temperature surrounding the Altantuya murder trial, a case which has fallen off the radar in recent months, he has certainly become a martyr to his cause.

Charged with sedition for an allegedly inflammatory article he wrote on his popular website Malaysia Today about the trial, he refused to post bail.

While the police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers are well within their powers in charging Raja Petra, he has now turned his case into a cause célèbre, taking advantage of the kind positive notoriety which will certainly draw more attention to his already wildly popular and influential website.

There were few people or public institutions which escaped Raja Petra’s scathing attention in his critique of how the authorities had and are handling the ongoing Altantuya murder trial.

Both Najib and his wife were implicated by Raja Petra.

This was classic baiting by Raja Petra. Najib, through his press secretary, responded with a letter to complain about the treatment.

Raja Petra published the letter, and also argued his own points in defending his right to publish the original article.

But in engaging Raja Petra instead of ignoring the allegations, Najib appeared to have silenced, or at least prevented the story from going out of control.

However, by refusing to even post bail, Raja Petra has again brought attention on to the case, and pressure on Najib.

While it was Raja Petra who was handcuffed by police and marched off to the lock-up, it was Najib who had to face growing pressure in Parliament.

He was forced to answer allegations made by Leader of the Opposition Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail that a company controlled by Abdul Razak Baginda, the deputy prime minister’s former close aide who has been charged in the Altantuya murder case, had been paid an exorbitant commission in the deal to acquire Sukhoi fighter jets and Scorpene submarines.

Najib expectedly denied any improprieties. But the heat is most certainly still on.

Full article here.


RPK has most definitely turned the heater on in this case. And I have a feeling that the heat will be on until, in his words, Altantuya’s murderers are sent to hell.


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