Politicians and their empty promises

Pakatan will fail to fulfil more promises, says Najib

KUALA LUMPUR: The electorate will soon see the gap between promises made during election campaigns and the likelihood them being fulfilled, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“During the elections, anybody can make all sorts of promises. When they mentioned reduction in assessment tax, some voters may have been taken in by it.

“When the time comes, they will face difficulty to fulfil their election promises,” he told reporters after the Defence Ministry’s workers day celebration yesterday.

He was asked to comment on the plan by the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor Government to give incentive to ratepayers because it was not ready to implement the proposed 20% reduction of assessment tax as promised during elections.

“This is what the electorate will need to determine because in future elections, there will be more promises.

“We must have the maturity and wisdom to decide for ourselves whether the promises are realistic or merely political promises,” he said.

Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, who is an Umno supreme council member, said it was not easy to fulfil the promises, as there were many considerations to be taken into account.

Among the Pakatan promises, he added, was free education for all. “It might have been possible previously as there were only one or two public universities but now there are 20 public universities and 37 private universities.

“If we just do that and don’t use any money to develop the economy, what will the graduates do when they finish their education?” he asked.

This, he added, was the difference between a government that used populist policies and a government with experience.

“People must be wise and be able to differentiate between an empty promise and a responsible promise,” he said.

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Just a question. Didn’t Barisan Nasional also make promises to the rakyat in 2004? Did they deliver?

To be honest, politicians do this all the time. Before the elections, they promise us heaven and hell. They’ll even promise the pluck the stars from the sky for us if that was what we wanted to hear. But when it comes to crunch time, most of these promises go hollow.

Pakatan promised the rakyat something, they fail to deliver, their bad. No qualms about that.

But why should the Deputy Prime Minister trouble himself with the job of informing us rakyat that Pakatan Rakyat will fail to deliver on more of their promises? Doesn’t he have other things to worry about, like the Altantuya case for example?

Damn, even if he’s NOT involved, one’s got to admit it when the weapons used came from his Ministry, and these weapons are only accessible by a select few. This is the least that he’s got to answer to. Or does he not claim any responsibiliy for the Defense Ministry?

Doesn’t he have the National Service programme to worry about as well? More than a dozen deaths in camp does not bode well. We’re talking about the deaths of teenagers here. One of them could have been the future Prime Minister of Malaysia. Cliched, but true. And they were there just so they could “integrate with other races”. My foot.

Najib has got his plate full, if you asked me. So he shouldn’t be butting into other people’s business.

He had better start cranking his brain overtime for answers to these questions of why he isn’t delivering, before shooting off at what other people can’t deliver.


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