RPK’s wife: We are not tofus

Marina Lee Abdullah, Raja Petra’s wife writes about what she feels after her husband got locked up AGAIN, and her disappointment with a government that does not practise what they preach.

As a wife and mother, I want to know from my fellow citizens whether a government that has incarcerated my husband in the Sungai Buloh prison on trumped up charges and brought untold suffering on my family, especially when one of my daughters is sitting for her final examinations, is a legitimate government.

No wife, mother or child should to go through this horrible experience when all her beloved husband did was to uphold justice and truth.

Can anyone of you imagine what I, as a wife and mother, had to go through emotionally and psychologically when accompanying my husband to be interrogated by the police when on a previous occasion in 2000, he was brutally assaulted in my presence?

I could not express my anxiety to my husband on the way to the CCID, as I know that my strength and resoluteness would be critical to enable my husband to face his interrogators. He must have also felt the same for me and so both of us, thinking alike kept our silence. But we were determined to see this through together hell or high water.

The Petras’ are not some tofus!! We have enough strength and dignity to overcome such adversity.  My daughter suffered in silence and despite her age, she held up magnificently and no mother can be more proud than I to have such a daughter.

I am proud to say that my husband overcame the intrigues and schemes and came out unscathed. But we knew that this was a mere prelude to more brutality that will be inflicted on my family.

The events of yesterday’s circus are known to all.

But what was most telling was the deafening silence of the judiciary and the bar council which supposedly are the guardians of justice and equality.

His struggle must not be in vain. We as a family will see this through but we will only be able to cope if we know that good and god fearing people like you will be there and standing together with us shoulder to shoulder to strike a fatal blow against tyranny and for justice and truth and for my husband’s freedom.

Full letter here.


I don’t think this issue needs anymore re-introducing. It’s already a nationwide issue. And most of us know that it’s unjust.

Marina has said her piece.

Whatever the case, RPK doesn’t deserve to be charged under the Seditions Act, not only because it doesn’t warrant that kind of charge, but also because the Seditions Act is just not valid in today’s world anymore.


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