Govt made empty promise; now 1,000 homeless

I wrote about the fire in Sarawak that happened on Monday here. The fire happened on Monday afternoon, the District Office found out about it on Tuesday morning, and the necessary aid was only sent there yesterday. How’s that for “efficient”?

And now, it seems like this really “efficient” government is also responsible for the fire, albeit indirectly.

MIRI: The Government did not make good on its promise seven years ago to the 1,500 residents of the Punan Bah settlement, which was practically razed by fire on Monday, that it would provide basic fire-fighting equipment for each longhouse.

Punan National Association publicity bureau chief Calvin Jemarang claimed the Government had made numerous promises since 2001 to equip every longhouse with at least one fire extinguisher, one fire-pump to draw water from rivers and wells and fire hoses (at least 100m-long).

“The truth is, none of these items have been delivered to our longhouses,” he said.

This fire which left 1,000 Punans homeless, is the second to have happened in the Punan Bah region over the past four months.

Full article here.


At least now, some of the vital items have been sent to the village.

But what’s this about unkept promises? Is this the trend?

If the government is so prone to not keeping their promises, then perhaps they should also learn how to keep their traps shut when others are late in delivering theirs. If you don’t know what I mean, read this post here. Najib would do good to look into BN’s own unkept promises, rather than spend his time looking at the faults of others.


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