“Malaysia Boleh?” Yeah, right.

“Malaysia Boleh” bankruptcy

Malaysia, a widely known receiving country for foreign labour, is now exporting its local labour instead of retaining it to lessen the need for foreign labour. In short, the Federal government is creating an artificial labour shortage. On the other hand, will Malaysia, in the near future reciprocate the generosity of the English monarchy and take on military personnel from the UK and give them better pay than they get in Britian? I think that’s unlikely.

Has the clarion call of “Malaysia Boleh” led us to this bankruptcy in national pride? We have gone back to becoming dependants of our ex-colonial master. It makes one wonder whether we had ever achieved “merdeka” in August 1957 or if all that ceremony and hype then made any difference to the system we have lived under for half a century.

Despite the slight difference in our constitutional set up, we could be back in the ‘bad old’ days of being a British colony. Even the laws haven’t changed. There appears to be a constant state of emergency in the country where fundamental freedoms and human rights must be curtailed or restricted.

The deception of “Malaysia Bolehhas doped us wholesale since it was invented by Dr. M. There was a huge “WOW” shouted out by the mainstream media when we sent up our first satellite for TV reception into space. BUT it was not sent up anywhere in our country, it was sent up by some French experts from a remote location in one of the French dependencies. Was that our work? Malaysia only paid for it with taxpayers’ contributions.

Then the cry of “Malaysia Boleh” again reverberated when we paid to send an astronaut into space on someone else’s space programme. The Russians no doubt were glad to be the recipients of our taxpayers’ contributions, this time.

Who built the Petronas Twin Towers? Migrant labour.

Who were the initial manufacturers of the Proton Saga, our Malaysian car? The Japanese carmaker, Mitsubishi.

Who built the Penang Bridge? The Koreans.

Regrettably, we cannot claim all the credit for these and other prestige projects that we are so proud to call our own; they were never entirely constructed by our own efforts. Foreign labour, from the expert to the construction worker, made these possible; our leaders paid them to do so with our tax contributions.

The apparent low-esteem and lack of national pride in ourselves as Malaysians should not come as a surprise. Still, we have more often lived in haughty illusions of being a renowned country – but renowned for the wrong reasons. Being a wealthier developing country widely known for its maltreatment of foreign nationals and preservation of repressive and draconian legislation is nothing to be proud of. It is the glorification of idiocy.

Malaysia Boleh” has given us metaphorical “buffalo pride” as the Malay proverb goes, “Lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama“.

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This here is one truthful article. So true that it hurts.

I love Malaysia. I’m sure most of us do. And I really want to believe in “Malaysia Boleh”. In fact, I think I did for the most part of my life. Now I’m not too sure.

The very landmarks that put Malaysia on the map weren’t even Malaysian-made. I’ll have you know that the KLIA was designed by a Japanese architect, trying to incorporate the “Malaysian landscape” into the design. And then of course, KLCC (twin towers) was designed by an American architectural firm. The Twin Towers were build separately by both Japan and Korea, each trying to outdo one another in speed. The Sepang F1 Circuit was designed by German architects. And the official websites of the “pride of Malaysia” doesn’t even carry the names of the architects, save for KLCC.

Does “Malaysia Boleh” mean claiming glory over something that is not entirely borne by us?

I’ll have you know that the other countries in the world regard Malaysia as a country where there is no media and press freedom. They see Malaysia as a place where draconian laws are still in place. They see Malaysia as a country where reporters get detained for reporting the truth.

I’ll have you know that the “state of emergency” or darurat that was declared during the May 13 incident has not yet been lifted. It literally translates that Malaysia is actually now still under a “state of emergency”, probably explaining why laws such as the Seditions Act, ISA, and OSA are still in around in this place and time.

What “Malaysia Boleh” are we talking about?


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