NS camp under quarantine

TAIPING: The Kerian district health office has placed a national service camp in Semanggol, near here, under quarantine.

At least 10 of its 300 trainees have been warded at the Taiping Hospital over the past few days while 80 others are being treated at the camp for an outbreak of a yet-to-be identified fever.

With the quarantine, it is learnt that all the trainees, who were supposed to return home for their weeklong break from yesterday to May 14, have to remain in the camp pending the outcome of the result of their blood tests.

A parent of one of the trainees tipped reporters here about the quarantine after his son, who was supposed to be at a bus terminal yesterday morning to return home, failed to turn up.

When he went to the camp, named Kem PLKN Jiwa Murni Semanggol, Thursday, he was barred from entering and was told by a staff member that the camp was under quarantine.

State Health, Environment and Human Resources Committee chairman A. Sivanesan confirmed that the NS camp had been placed under quarantine for the past few days.

Full article here.


This is ridiculous. The parent of a child had to find out about the camp’s quarantine only AFTER he didn’t show up where and when he was supposed to? Why weren’t the parents informed about this fever outbreak in the beginning. Surely parents are entitled to this kind of knowledge where their children’s health issues are at jeopardy.

And it’s been in quarantine for the past few days? What were the trainers and authorities thinking? That their parents don’t have to know?

And it’s not a small number. It’s 300 teenagers in that camp, and now 10 are already in hospital. Do the parents of these 10 children know? Can they visit? What about the other 80 who are being treated? Does the camp have the equipment to treat these children properly?

And how about the investigation of the fever? It has been a few days, and they still can’t identify the fever? If they can’t identify it, then there’s no point asking where the children got it from. And what about the adults who are at the camp with the children? Have any of them shown any symptoms?

If this is what National Service is about, they can bury this baby of Najib’s 6-feet underground now. It’s overstayed its welcome.

National Service is doing nothing to create racial integration in the children. It is essentially a murderer.


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