It’s only one or two deaths, NS to go on

The National Service programme will not be scrapped despite another death among the 18 year old trainees. National Service Training Department director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kecil reiterated that the training programme will not be scrapped “just because of one or two deaths.

He was commenting on calls by bloggers for the scrapping of the programme following the death of 18 year-old Too Hui Min on Wednesday. She was the 16th NS trainee to have died during training since the programme was incorporated four years ago.

In Too’s case, Abdul Hadi said the trainee had a colon problem.

“She might have been suffering from it for a long time and did not know about it until her death,” he said. (Read here. She could not have been suffereing from it before she went to camp.)

Full article here.


The more I read about the National Service, the more pissed I get. And I think it’s quite easy to see that my level of tolerance is rapidly getting near zero. As is obvious from my previous posts here, here and here.

One or two deaths“? What is he, an idiot? Does he even possess a brain, now I’m beginning to wonder. One doesn’t need to have children to have some compassion here.

If this is the kind of person who’s put in charge of the 18-year-olds, it does not paint a very good picture for the government. Does the government suffer from lack of “brained people”? Does it lack people with heart?

One or two deaths“? How many does he want to see before he sees that National Service is not working? Being the selfish people that they are, would it require the death of one of their family members before they realise the great big problem that is the National Service? And even then, we would all still feel grieved for the death of yet another youth.

One or two deaths“? Does he not know that it’s not ONLY one or two deaths already? Hui Min was the 16th, for crying out loud! And even ONE death should have given them a red signal that somethings amiss with the programme. After 16 deaths, he still has the nerve to say “just because of ONE OR TWO deaths“?

Kak Ton says this: Do you need 50, 60, 100 deaths before you decide to stop the NS programme?

What do these people want? What do they want?

Do they think that we are only against the National Service programme because we are against them? Do they think we are as shallow as they are?

If they were to propose something good, we would be for it. But proposals don’t just stop there. When something gets proposed and approved, implementation is the most important step. It’s so SO obvious that implementation was anything BUT good. How are we to support something like this?

We are against the National Service, not because we just want to be against anything that Barisan Nasional does. We are against National Service because it is proving to be a hazard to our youth. We are against the National Service because it is killing our youth. We are against the National Service because it is anything but safe.

We are against the National Service because we want the best for our youth.

Is that too much to ask?


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