ISA detainee had mild heart attack

I found this at Aliran today:

It has been brought to Aliran’s attention that ISA detainee and Hindraf adviser P Uthayakumar has suffered a mild heart attack while under detention in Kamunting.

We are further informed that Uthayakumar underwent an ECG test last Monday at the Taiping Hospital and was told that it was necessary for him to be referred to the National Heart Institute (IJN) for further tests.

We understand that there was no follow-up to this recommendation and that Uthayakumar had been sent back to Kamunting without any indication whether he would be allowed further treatment at IJN.

What is disturbing is the fact that the anxious family’s appeals to the Prime Minister’s office and to the Home Minister that he be sent to IJN for treatment have been totally ignored. There was not even the courtesy of  a reply.

In matters concerning heart disease, things can easily go wrong and can take a turn for the worse suddenly and unexpectedly. As a human being, Uthayakumar should not be put to this unnecessary risk especially when IJN is so far away from Taiping if something were to happen to his heart in the middle of the night.

Aliran, on behalf of civil society, would like to appeal to the Prime Minister to show that there is compassion and humanity in his administration and act in a humane manner by instructing that Uthayakumar be referred to IJN.

P Ramakrishnan
11 May 2008

Original article here.


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